Many of us are afraid to love, committing into a relationship or marriage because the fear of getting their heart broken, of giving too much, of ending up with the wrong person in life over powered them. A heart break is a heart break, regardless of how many relationships we had. Each time, the light of hope and trust diminished and we came up with our very own protection mechanism.

But, how will you ever know if the person is the right one for you? Truth is, you never will. Nobody in this world will ever know a person deep down to the core but him or herself. I’ve been slammed on the face with a dramatic ugly truth of late, and I certainly do not know how I should feel about the matter and am yet to decide how to go through with it. Turned out, the person that I thought I’ve known for a long time is not exactly what I thought he/she is.

Love, relationship and marriage are not as simple as all the lyrics in a love song or as romantic as all the fairytales in a romance novel. They are as fragile as a glass. Small cracks on it might shatter it all; unexpected event that may not even seem possible when you are in that sweet little bubble of yours, regardless how long and stable a relationship or marriage is. Adulthood is complicated at times, and everything and anything is possible. That however, does not give us any room to judge because you can never put yourself in another person’s shoe until you go through the similar situation yourself.

There is no man in this world who knows what the future holds. The only thing we could take charge of, is to have hope and courage. One needs to decide whether or not he/she is worth taking the risk with, have courage and take a leap of faith to find happiness, true love, to love, to be loved and go through ups and downs together. It takes two to tango; a hard work of a lifetime to keep the glass intact regardless of the cracks; to sustain the love, passion, respect, tolerance and many other aspects in a relationship or marriage.

For a person who have only been in a failed relationship twice all my life, single, not married and the lack of years of life experiences may not put me as the best person to write and talk about this but I’ve been equally hurt like some of you out there who probably went through many more heart breaks than I did. However, with each relationship we went through, we gained memories worth telling and ponder in life be it sweet or sour, learned about ourselves better, knowing your self worth, what we want and deserve in life despite the heart ache that might be inevitable.

I’ve subconsciously allowed fear to take place in a tiny corner of my fragile little heart even though I appear to be my usual happy, confident and tough self most of the time, but gladly, I’ve also allowed time to perform it’s magic. I finally broke free from the chains that I’ve put on myself by leaving the fear, uncertainties, insecurities and expectations that I have in that tiny corner, embracing the fact that it will always be there in life and knowing that by keeping myself locked up for a long time, I will miss out all the beautiful things in life. Find your happy place because life is just too short.


Just like that, 2/3 of 2016 are gone. How time really flies! 2016 has been amazingly happening for me.

I go out more than I used to. That saying, money flow out more too! I had a dramatic yet fun start to the year. Soon after, I picked up Salsa dancing, on top of my usual workouts in the gym, and I’m totally hooked! I picked up Bachata as well from social dancing, and now challenging myself to learn Zouk-Lambada. 3 dances in 6 months! The best thing that comes with it is that I made more friends than I ever did in a short period of time and we all share the same passion and interest.

Throughout this 2/3 of 2016, my 9 months  and counting job has been good. I have fun and nice colleagues that make my 5 days at work non dreadful at all! I still find rooms to improve myself in what I do for a living.

Besides my repetitive routines, I travelled to two countries this year; Osaka & Kyoto, Japan for my first trip out overseas. I love, love, love and miss, miss, miss Japan! Months after, I had an opportunity to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia for work. Seeties Jakarta team gave us a very warm welcome and they are nice peeps! Upcoming one would be Bangkok, Thailand. Out of passion rush, I booked my flight ticket to attend Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, and weeks after that, World Bachata Festival. I feel crazy but who cares? I truly love it!

On top of all of that, I spent a lot of money for medical bills as well due to all the injuries I had but am glad that I am recovering from all of it. Hopefully, no more injuries.

Despite living in my happy little bubble, I’ve had my down moments where I questioned myself and felt lost. I met some people who really showed me how indecent one could be and how ugly truth can be. But I’m glad that I managed to pull myself up. Whatever it is, we just have to make sure that we don’t lose ourselves in the process.

All in all, as I ponder of late, I love how unpredictable  and interesting my life has been this year and I’m enjoying every bit of it as it comes at me. Look forward to finish the last 4 months of 2016 with better health, more joy & happiness!

Finding Dory

Decided to find Dory on my own today and it turned my rather blue Friday to a happy and grateful one. The movie Finding Dory is a great reminder of how life’s unpredictable and that’s why it’s beautiful. The ups and downs of it, and we just have to keep on swimming.

I’ve always thought to myself, that the one thing I never want for myself is memory loss; just like Little Dory, for not being able to remember my family and friends, all the sweet and bitter memories I had with them. I felt frustrated for that little blue animated fish!

So, random as it is, I just want to say that I cherish and love each and every one of you even though we might be close or not really; my family, friends, colleagues, gym buddies, salsa mates, everyone I befriended; I truly am grateful to have all of you, who really spiced up and bring joy to my life. Love you guys! ❤️

P/S : If you haven’t catch the movie, make sure you do!

3 Nights of Dancing

I’ve always loved dancing and music. I was first introduced to dancing during my Girl Guiding days back when I was 13 years old. I was an active girl guide for about 7 years and every year we had events and camping activities. There were dance competitions and performances during these events, and I had my parts in choreographing dances & learning them from my seniors as well when I first started high school. I’ve always looked forward to dance practices, besides our marching practices in the middle of the night, doing all the formations we have to do to nail the competitions. A couple of people asked if I’ve danced before this. Well, we were a bunch of non dancing professional teenagers who choreographed dances for school or camp performances, and the boyish me back then (still boyish now) have always been more inclined to hip hop-ish dance moves, still am.

When I started my new job last December, I was being introduced to salsa practically, not the sauce; the dance, by my current boss and I loved it! I remembered clearly when he first showed me some moves in one of our company outings, I was caught off guard and I screamed. He said “Honey, that’s so not sexy!” It was a total different genre that I’ve never tried before and I started seeing and enjoying the differences; the style, dancing on your own and dancing with someone else. My ex boss from my first company and some of my friends mentioned that they salsa, but it has never occurred to me to try it out until now.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I felt lost and I started doing things from my bucket list to find myself and this is one of it! I recently signed myself up for Salsa classes and had already completed my Beginner 1; 8 classes in 2 months and already started my Beginner 2 lessons. I am happy that I did, because dancing is something that I have passion about and I look forward to it every week besides spending my time working out in a gym and at home, which has already blended so deeply within me that it is my life now; in a good healthy way.

My first dancing shoes!

Believe it or not, I was never a going out partying at night person or much of a drinker and I know I don’t seem like one but those who know me, you know me. I enjoy dancing and music but I’ve never seen the point of spending my money on alcohol and going to smokey places with loud techno beats that I could not dance to. In fact, my first clubbing experience was on my 24th birthday at Zouk, KL with my ex-colleagues from Fireworks and it was so thoughtful of them to take me there and they surprised me with doughnuts as a birthday cake. However, that night assured me even more, that techno beats and smokey places are really not my kind of thing!

This week, I made an exception and decided to check out salsa nights in KL and went out 3 nights in a row. I gotta say, I feel old! 2 nights of lack of sleep, I had to take so many naps to recharge. *roll eyes*

The first Salsa club that I hit was Hugo’s by Modestos at Damansara Perdana on Friday Night with my gym bro Sam who learned salsa overseas, and dance mates from another slot, Sarah and Nadia. Both really lovely and fun ladies!

Salsa Night : Friday
I spent RM15 on two bottles of water and there are car park available for you that goes by hour. There used to be Salsa night on Friday at Paradox Cafe at Bandar Utama but they had just recently closed down.

Clockwise : With my gym bro Sam, dance mates Sarah and Nadia, our instructors Emily and Dom & my ex-boss Yanzer

The place was crowded and happening indeed. So, I went to the dance floor for my first dance and as I twirled, I saw a face so familiar sitting in the dark drinking a bottle of beer. I twirled again and confirmed that it was definitely my ex-boss, Yanzer who salsas too. Funny, because before I hit Hugo’s, I thought to myself and wondered if I will bump into him as I recalled that he salsas too. He danced well and I am really glad we danced. It was great to see him again, this time in a different environment. Then, I met Ian who really enjoyed dancing in a more freestyle manner and dancing with him allowed me to go freestyle too. Oh well, I elbowed his chin that night, by accident. I can still giggle to how we ladies agreed to how abusive we were on the dance floor.

That night I salsa-ed and bachata-ed until 2.30 a.m and it was crowded that I got stepped on & I stepped on others too. I realised that I have so so much to improve on in my salsa after that night. My next goal to learn Argentine Tango is definitely on hold until I master Salsa. On top of that, I learned about Kizomba, a type of dance that I’ve never seen or heard of.

I caught myself 4 hours of sleep and grabbed my long time high school, most-of-the-time missing desk mate Jacalyn, that I’ve known for 10 years and counting and I would say best friend, to spent the whole Saturday out with me; lunch, shopping, dinner and dancing. She has a stressful job and I figured she needed some time off to do something fun. I had her meeting up with my gym mates and dance mates for dancing at Friendscino and am really glad she had fun!

L-R : Jacky, Ian whom I met from Hugo’s, my gym mates Richard and Adrienna, Sugito from my dance studio

Friendscino @ Damansara Perdana
Address: LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald North, Jalan PJU8/3A, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7710 0035
Salsa Night  : Saturday

What they have in store for you :

  1. RM18 for 2 drinks (choice of bottle water 500ml and/or soft drinks)
  2. RM28 for 2 drinks (1 pint of Tiger beer and a choice of bottle water 500ml or soft drink)

Free parking🙂

Friendscino was less crowded, more space to dance and a bit more quiet but I like the idea because in a way, I could practice my dancing more. On top of that, the people who danced there were all very decent and nice. There were people my age and older who are willing to teach me and guided me as I danced with them on the dance floor, as they know that I was just a beginner. I did not sign up for Bachata lessons and I only know the basic counting, and yet they would teach me how when they led me on the dance floor, how my posture should be and etc. I met this man Arun, who taught me how to Kizomba and he was really nice to advise me on my salsa too.

I was so sleepy after 2 nights out and initially did not want to go all the way to Havana Bar and Grill at Changkat Bukit Bintang to check out their Salsa night which is on a Sunday. But knowing that I would never go out partying on a Sunday night as it will be a working day the next day, I decided to go and check it out for a short while with Sarah since it’s a holiday today. I did not bother dressing up like how every ladies would if they were to go out partying or bring my dancing shoes even. I just grabbed a top, denim shorts and put on my sneakers thinking that it would just be 2 hours of just checking out what Havana is like.

L-R : Jo a traveller from Israel, Mervin, Sarah’s friend and my dance mates from studio Sarah and Sugito.

There were 3 different rooms in Havana. The room below is quieter for you to chill and catch up. As you adjourned to the room upstairs, there’s where the modern music is where you can dance too, and as you walked in further, that’s where the salsa room is which is small enough that I got stepped and banged on a few times.

Apart from meeting nice people, I also met this dude who was probably PMS-ing that night as he seemed real moody, sitting every where he could with his grumpy face. He asked if I Kizomba, and I said “No, but if you don’t mind teaching me I don’t mind trying”. Oh well, he tried and then I guess I sucked big time that he just stopped and said thank you and ditched me on the dance floor before the music finishes. Kizomba with Arun was so much better. First rejection on the dance floor, checked!

Salsa-ing at Havana isn’t that fun as it was so packed, so we adjourned to the 2nd room where the modern music is. So much for wanting to be a Cinderella and go home by 12am, we ended up dancing at until about 1.30 am. We were having so much fun dancing to Shakira’s Waka Waka being led by this African lady there on the dance floor, YMCA, Beyonce’s and so much more. We danced with a few middle age ladies who were out for ladies night and they were watching us for a long time. So finally, I grabbed one of them and thought her a few club moves. I was so glad I was on sneakers as I got stepped on by one of them with their really pointy heels! So I guess, we pretty much ditched salsa yesterday night.

27 years of my life, I’ve never spent so much time out partying at night, needless to say – 3 nights in a row. 3 years and counting working here in KL, I’ve never drive myself out all the way to Changkat Bukit Bintang to party or dance. So this week, I’ve done more than I usually do and I’m glad I decided to go out and explored it. I learned not only different type of dances, new places, people and their nightlife, but most importantly I discovered more about myself, and that’s for me to keep.

Soul Searching

Couple of weeks ago, I felt lost. I lost my sense of joy and happiness, not knowing what was the root cause of it. Probably due to the recent events that are happening around me; personal life included. But now I do, I guess deep down I always knew. In the midst of searching for the missing piece, things gets gradually clearer. I spent some time on my own, list down the things I want to do, meeting people, going places I want to visit and executed some of it. Now that I got back on track again, not only I discovered the root cause, I also gained clarity, peace, joy and new perspectives in life.

I was stressed up at work, stuck with the same problem that I tried my best to solve while competing with the time that obviously could never slow down, stop ticking, and turn back.

“Time and tide wait for no man” – Geoffrey Chaucer.

Being able to perform my best at work and prove myself in what I can do in my career, is something that not only I want to prove to others, but most importantly, to myself. After spending much time on it, I’m glad and relieved that I managed to solve it and gained new knowledge in the end. Learning is after all a life long process. 

On top of that, I was unhappy over things that I have no control off. Sometimes, you just wish you have the answers to how life is going to be for you. No matter how badly you want to find out what the future holds, no one in this world could ever give you a certain answer to that. And that leave us with only one option – Let our past be a lesson, live in the present and let tomorrow surprise you. I’ve always said that and understood it but to constantly remind yourself how beautiful life is, especially during the down times in life and live by it, is not easy.

During my soul searching moments, I’ve come to realise and reminded myself again that life is indeed short, and I should live in the present and be as happy as I can in life. I was speaking to a friend of mine, and she said that the universe has been good to me. I guess she is right. The universe has really been good to me; Life has been good to me. I was being blessed with a new job, new friends and new colleagues that came into my life. The sudden change of ambience that is filled with joyful events acted as a distraction for me, leaving me no room to ponder over sad matters, one of it was my peacefully-ended-relationship back in December. Hence, it’s no surprise at all that I had a speedy recovery from it. I moved on definitely and set sail to continue my own little adventure.

While I was losing hope and trust, I poured my attention to getting work done and that took the unnecessary thoughts off my head. I started executing items in my bucket list and spend some time on my own, letting no one stop me from doing things that I love. My clouded mind became clearer and I started noticing the signs (at least that is how I perceived it) that kept occurring repetitively. It really felt as though those messages were meant for me -“Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen, it will, at the right time for the right reasons.” It occurred to me in the book I read, in a TV series I was watching and even verbally from friends. Suddenly, everything became clear to me and acceptance gave me the inner peace that I was searching for.

When the universe wants to make something happen, whether it be giving a young man lightning speed or putting two people together, it has a way of figuring those things out”  – Joe in The Flash TV Series

I’m proud that I am able to be tough, motivate myself and pull myself up instead of letting myself drown in my self-create pool of sadness, negativity and uncertainties. Nobody gets to dictate how I feel or put myself down, because only me, myself and I get to decide how I should be feeling. Sometimes, people even those who are close to you, judge you for what you did especially when you least expect them to be judgemental. But darling, they will never understand your situation truly by just imagining themselves being in your shoes, because they will never do until it happens to them.

Should you lost some things that are dear to you, be grateful that whatever it is that you had, it happened and the only thing you are able to do at this moment, is to embrace the sweet memories and experiences you’ve gained from it. Little did I know, I’m living an adventure,  a real life drama that could even make a great magazine article to read about in a women’s magazine! I did not even see it coming, at all! Life is indeed interesting, unpredictable and anything is possible, especially when you least expect it. Appreciate and live your life to the fullest, for we only live once and you will never know when it will be taken away from you.

“When you go through life
So sure of where you’re headin’
And you wind up lost
And it’s the best thing that could have happened
‘Cause sometimes when you lose your way
It’s really just as well
Because you find yourself
Yeah, that’s when you find yourself”

– Brad Paisley’s Find Yourself from Disney’s Cars.


Jam & Kaya Café

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My friend Nazrin suggested that I should start blogging on my food steps journey instead of just posting it on Facebook & Instagram. So here I am, typing away my second post on one of the things that gave me joy in life; food! I’m not sure how long I can keep this food entries up, especially when I don’t really have the time to blog much, but I’ll give it a try. I have hundreds of food photos that you can take a peek at in my Food Steps album. For some reason, I could not help myself but to take well presented food photos before I dine in like monster. It’s a way for me to track where I’ve been dining and what had actually went into my stomach.

Been meaning to check this café out for quite some time ever since I saw drooling photos of the pancakes posted by my friends in Instagram. Jam & Kaya Cafe is located in PJ Palms Sports Centre which is at the opposite of Amcorp Mall. Love the cozy ambience! If you are looking for a place to dine in for a group catchup, date or a cup of coffee, consider this place. Staff are friendly as well. Tried their signature Jam & Kaya Pancake and Jam & Kaya Kampung Breakfast is pretty special as well. Totally recommend those! Price of the food range averagely from RM10+ to RM20+ which is a typical café price, and it is quite reasonable for the portion that you’re getting. You can view the photos that I’ve taken and the price of the particular food that ended up in my tummy above. I’ll definitely pay this place a visit again.

Check out my recommendation & photos on Jam & Kaya Café @ Seeties

*All photos are taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000, edited by iPhone5.


Strangers at 47

I got myself a new camera but didn’t fully utilize it. Now I will! I’ve always wanted to checkout Strangers at 47 @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya but didn’t have a reason to. Then I think again, why do I need one? YOLO all the way for 2016! I finally went with 2 of my colleagues and purposely took my Sony A6000 out for a date!

Light Bulb – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

So here’s my first blog post about my food steps! I managed to grab a couple of nice photos. I love the ambience, love the staff and definitely love the crepe. A chicken lover like me ordered myself A Hen’s Crush.

A Hen’s Crush – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

It was really delicious and “chicky”. Initially I thought it would be weird having it with crepe but I was wrong. The price of the crepes ranged from RM17 – RM20+. It was totally worth the price and the portion. The sweet crepe we ordered called the Dark Side is delicious as well.

Dark Side – photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000

Love the place and I will definitely go back there again! And if you haven’t visit the place, make sure you do!

Check out my recommendation & photos on Strangers at 47 @ Seeties

Happy New Year 2016


Walk our life with joy, happiness & positivity – Photo taken by honeyhong with Sony A6000


I know this post came in mid January but Happy New Year everyone!! This year I had a splendid, crazy and hot start to the year & look forward to go through the year with more crazy and fun new things. My 2015 ended with a great Christmas celebration and I just lazed at home during New Year Eve but I managed to catch awesome fireworks right in front of our condominium before heading to bed. I hope you guys had a great one as well. Toast to the beginning of a wonderful 2016!

Total Reset.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone has got a great plan for Christmas or had an awesome Christmas Eve! I haven’t been writing for the past 5 months. Been trying to find the time but didn’t manage to. In a blink of an eye, 2015 is coming to an end. So now here I am, pouring out everything that I went through for the past couple of months. There were ups & downs, good & bad, happy & sad.

August 2015 Highlight of the month of August would be my birthday! I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend at Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel. He pre-ordered me a very delicious chocolate brownies and needless to say, the main courses were great! We both dressed up for the occasion and treated ourselves a good meal that night, accompanied with the perfect ambience.

Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur

September 2015 I went for Viper Challenge 2015 Genting King of the Mountain with my cousin, sister, aunt and friends! We reunited and teamed up with the guys who helped us during our first Viper Challenge last year at Sepang International Circuit. This year, I’ve made so much progress and improvement by training harder at the gym. I completed most of the challenges by myself and I’m proud to last half of the monkey bar challenge , when many of the men who participated aren’t able to.

Viper Challenge 2015 : Genting King of the Mountain Finisher

Viper Challenge 2015 : Genting King of the Mountain Finisher

October 2015 I left my job as a Mobile Team Lead with Ivis Group! There were many farewells that month. I had to go through the difficulties to search for a job that I have passion for and in the process, I learned what I’m lack of. Like every other major decision you have to make, there were doubts as to what is the right and best decision. Well, you will never know what lies ahead if you don’t take the first step, make a change, head out and just do it! I landed myself a job with

My Farewell

My Farewell

November 2015 Took my parents to Ipoh for a long delayed family bonding session that had been pending for years. I could not even recall when all 5 of us coexists! When we are back to our home town, one of us will be missing from the picture. It was a close by trip, but yeah we decided to start small and we spent good 3 days 2 nights quality times together. Ipoh is small but we managed to keep our times occupied. Next year, we will go somewhere further! Gotta quit giving ourselves excuses and just do it!

People I love.

People I love.

December 2015 I started my new job with Seeties this month. I’m surrounded with fun and positive people and I really enjoyed going to work everyday. In recent event, an honest and transparent relationship of exactly 1 year and 3 months of mine heavy heartedly came to an end. It was a mutual decision that this is what’s best for us. As we are two individuals from two different world with different personalities and characters. I occupy my time with various activities and things I don’t usually do, partly to move on and most importantly, life’s too short. I decided to go crazy and go all out to enjoy my life to the fullest!

My 2015 had been reset totally. Career, relationship, new people, new things to do. On my Christmas eve, I went for my first basketball game after 12 years, ever since I dislocated my knee during my attempt to play basketball. This year I had a different Christmas celebration; slow dancing all night to great music, singing and chatting. I had my first tequila shot yesterday and damn it was so difficult to swallow! I’m looking forward to new adventures and welcoming 2016 with a positive mind! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Don’t let anyone limit yourself, live the life you want and blossom