What is it like to go for a Tinder-Spree?

Hey everyone! Seems like I’ve only gotten time to write a post every 6 months! I hope it has been a happening 2018 for everyone so far. Well, mine is..as dramatic as ever. I took a break from social dancing for 2 months sometime end of last year to give my legs the rest it deserves after all the injuries, and channelled my focus back to strengthening myself in the gym. Amidst of all these work stress and free time from dancing partly, I’ve never thought I’m gonna say this, I seek for emotional balance on…Tinder.

Before you have that thought, nope.. not in that way! That’s not how Honey rolls. When you tell someone you are on Tinder, people often think that “she/he must be up for hook up”, and “all the guys and girls there are not looking for anything serious”. Well, I can honestly tell you that there’re flies, but there’re also decent guys. I have friends who met on Tinder and they are planning to get married; a boss who just got married to his Tinder match. I met assholes on real life too, so it doesn’t take Tinder to meet bad guys.

I’m not a huge fan of the app nor believe in swiping stacks of digital pictures or catalogues to find that special someone. I occasionally swipe just for fun and there are a funny mix of decent, horny and crazy guys that sent me texts from Tinder and often times, having to entertain them overwhelmed me. I downloaded and deleted the app countless times. So, one fine weekend while I was alone at home, I downloaded Tinder again and went on swiping out of boredom. Within 5 minutes I deleted the app, cause’ I find it ridiculous, and downloaded it back 5 minutes after. I think I’m ridiculous! 🙂

29 years of my life, I’ve never thought I’ll actually do dates. Dating and relationships are the one aspect of myself that does not seem to go well for me. I wasn’t the kind of girl every boys will be interested in back in high school. This is the first time I actually put myself out there, out from my comfort zone, especially meeting people that I artificially swiped from a dating app.

The thing about Tinder is that most people abused the initial idea of the app which is designed for users to meet like-minded people, get to know each other and date. Instead they swiped faces to find men or chicks to spend a night with. Well, no judgement whatsoever. Everyone is there with different goals and reasons. If you decided to try Tinder, have no expectations. For us ladies, be smart, be vigilant and be safe. Don’t do anything that you are not comfortable with and go beyond your own principle.

I gave it a go because I thought if people like me (well, I’m nice..not lying!) are in the app, I’m sure I could find decent ones as well. True enough, 80% of my dates are decent and nice. Some, I kept in touch with as friends or online buddies. I do however met liars, guys who are only interested in hook ups, bad conversationalist, who convinced themselves that they don’t actually want just sex and care nothing else about you except for your sex life, who I clicked with but living in a different country, who I actually like but in a different page and who said trashy things at you because you don’t want to have sex with them. All kinds of men.

Finally, after 4 months of dates, I burned out. Going out for dates is total mental work in a loop for me. You repeatedly go out to get to know each other again and again. Asking the same question again and again. I never really did understand why people claim that we should go for lots of dates while you are young and I thought it was not necessary. Well, I gotta say, I’m quite wrong. You do not have to go for a lot of dates, but you have nothing to lose either if you get a chance to go for dates. Plus point, the perks of being a girl, you get your meals paid for if he is a gentleman. #JustSaying 🙂 I of course offered to pay for my own meal or treat the guy back if there’re more dates or hangouts.

Fact is, I positively learned a lot from these dates. I learned how to hold a conversation with a total stranger, spot a F***-Boy, learn what kind of guy I actually want to be with, and most importantly, learned about myself after sufficient amount of encounters with men.

Speaking from my own experience, ladies, NEVER let a guy disrespect, trash talk you, treat you like a sex tool and makes you feel bad about yourself for not wanting to have sex with them. I actually got myself questioning if there’s something wrong with me, but then I realised that NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME. In fact I have and know my self-worth; what I deserve. Just because the society makes sleeping around a NORM and I don’t fit in, that doesn’t make me WEIRD. Again, no judgement and there are no black and white to this. If you are comfortable with the other person, get the respect you deserves and want to have some fun, by all means..but just be safe.

For 3 months now I stopped Tinder-ing. Life’s been much focused on my own personal growth, cause that’s what all of us knows best and have in control; our own life.  Mean time, let’s just hope that one day, I’ll meet that special someone who finds me his special someone too.


The Crazy 6.

I had been missing for almost 6 months since my last post in March. A few friends asked about my blog recently and suggested that I should get back to writing, so here I am. I’m back! Just like that 6 months had passed, and the passed 6 months had been crazy; a blend of joy, pain and stress.

A hyperactive bunny and monkey (quoted from my dad) like me couldn’t stay put unless you tie me to a chair. So it was dreadful for me to put a stop temporarily in all my activities – dragon boat and dancing, except for my workout which I need, after I had a partially torn ligament, torn muscles and sprained ankle while doing a light jog in dragon boat’s land drill (boot camp style workout) back in March. That’s when the blogging stopped a little as well. It took about 3 – 4 months before I could resume it all, but until then, life goes on.

Anyway, since I couldn’t do physical activities much at the time, I spent a little time playing around with my Sony A6000 instead, invested in a Prime lens and played around with Adobe Lightroom. Took a couple of shots for my sister’s pre-wedding among other random shots. You can view the album here. On top of that, my existing photography Instagram account has been reactivated, so feel free to check it out, LIKE it and leave some comments! 🙂

When the tide was calm, a new wave hit at work. My current company offered a new position to me sometime back in May, and I decided to take up the new challenge. I’m a Product Manager now and no longer coding as of this moment. It’s a 360 degrees change inside out; the job description, knowledge and my brain had to adjust as well. Hence, work stress is inevitable, but I’m taking it all in with a positive attitude and perform the very best I can.

Months later, I resumed my dragon boat trainings. Felt really good to be back training with the team and even signed up for dragon boat races in Sarawak and Penang. Unfortunately,  over time the left part of my body started showing signs of unusual muscle strains and I decided to get it checked. Turned out I literally needed to be adjusted. Heavy heartedly, I took my chiropractor’s advise and stopped paddling with the team. Spent a few days considering it and it was a tough decision to call it quit but it was a right sensible one, for a better health in the long run. That saying, I am not sure whether or not I’ll be back paddling with the team, but for now definitely no paddling nor racing.

So now that I’ve stopped dragon boating, I resumed my dancing activities; salsa intermediate class and almost-weekly social dancing. I’ve forgotten how much I miss it and with the time spent back dancing for hours in socials, I actually improved myself now that I channelled my focus back to dancing. Of course, I made even more new friends from class and that unexpectedly opened up another window of adventure.

One of my new dance mates introduced me to this fitness class app called Wanderclass. Me, being a fitness junkie tried several new activities via their Cross & Flow program – Mix of HIIT & Animal Flow workout – I’m not lying when I say SpiderMan has a tough job, PoundFit – workout inspired by drumming and yes there’s drum sticks involved, no no..not chicken drumstick! and the least expected activity I thought I’d try – AcroYoga. It would be dreadful for an overly hyperactive person like me to go with slow and calm activity like Yoga, but…I gotta say that I surprisingly found AcroYoga to be interesting… and fun…and scary…and pretty cool. There’s a lot of “and”s but yeah, I kinda like it. 🙂 I’d totally recommend anyone who is into fitness to try Cross & Flow by Wanderclass and on top of that, I made myself a few friends that obviously shares the same passion had some healthy meal with them as well! 🙂 Eat..eat…and eat!! Who doesn’t like to eat? Ok – I’m feeling hungry now.


Cross & Flow : PoundFit & AcroYoga with Wanderclass


Healthy meal by TheHealthyFoodPeople & cold pressed juice from Black & White Fitness Studio

Come September, my 2017 adventure continues with signing myself up for International Zouk Day 2017 event again this year but this time, just the beginner’s routine. Here’s a sneak preview of how the flash mob’s gonna look like this coming October 7th @ Sunway Velocity.

That very same week of the Zouk routine’s recording, I was swinging my hip away during Salsalah 2017 at The Royale Bintang @ The Curve about 2 weeks ago. I came up with one flirtatious line and earned myself the Bond Girl title along with another Russian lady in one of the social nights. Jaxen, the emcee of the night asked “Where are you from?” and I said “Call me tonight, then maybe I’ll tell you”. With that I won myself a full Latin festival tickets in Vietnam next year. Not too bad ey? 🙂

Unfortunately, all the musical fun came to a disappointing pause when I snapped my ankle’s Achilles tendon towards the end of the night. I self-diagnosed and got it confirmed 2 days later by my chiropractor. I think I could pass as my own chiropractor now. Yes…again! 6 months later, same ankle, new injury and that means no walking on treadmill or swimming for now, no working on my calves and ankle and worse, dancing for at least 3 months. FML!

Oh well, to think about it, I’ve tried many new things the past couple of months, made a lot of new friends along the way and I had my fair share of dancing for what…5 hours that night? Crazy I know! Lesson though, don’t ever dance for hours with a shoe that does not have a proper support and fit your feet.


Photo credit : Jeff Lee Photography

Right now, I’m grateful I can still walk as it’s only a minor tear and could still continue to work on my upper body in the gym or at home. I guess I could use some rest after all my mini adventures in the past months, take a break before travelling to Chiang Mai with my colleague & Sarawak with the KL Barbarians this coming November. Hopefully, fingers crossed – my legs are strong enough to resume a full body workout and start dancing a little bit sometime in December.

Until then, looking forward to more unexpected adventures!

BeatActive : The EDM Audio Workout Experience

Time passes so fast and it’s Marvellous March now! I hope everyone had an Egg-citing 2017 so far! The last festive season we had was Chinese New Year back in February, and as usual, we eat, eat and…..eat during the festive season. 🙂 Despite being a fitness enthusiast, I’m the type that can get carried away with food sometimes, especially home cooked meals and street food! Yes, no kidding, I can be a monstrous eater but after loading my stomach with all the big feast at home, I’d still keep a balance of eating and exercising.

Speaking from experience, I always believe that you don’t need the gym or heavy weights to be fit. All you need, is a pair of sport shoes, determination and motivation. That work well with me to date. You can work out anywhere be it at home or at the park with just your body weight. Many that I’ve spoken to, either friends who came up to me and asked for information when they wanna get into fitness or sign up for a gym membership, even people I’ve met from the gym, they often came up with these similar lines.

I doubt that I will be making good use of the money if I pay hundreds for a gym membership cause’ I’m not sure if I will hit the gym much.

Lost the mood to hit the gym after being stuck in the long traffic after work and ended up heading home instead (sometimes that happens to me).

I cant workout on my own cause’ I need someone to push and workout with me.

Working out at home is impossible cause’ when I get home all I want to do is eat and rest.

Let’s face it, sometimes when you spend time waiting for others to join you to do the things you love or want to do, you get nothing done. So, I trained myself to workout on my own because I am working out for none other than myself. My own health, physique, confidence and feeling awesome; all in one package! Don’t get me wrong though. It’s totally a plus if you have friends to workout with. I do have a few workout buddies that I workout with occasionally who take their workouts seriously, and we’d motivate each other and push ourselves even harder.

Well, what if I tell you that you could have effective workouts and get fit with someone to push you provided you have the drive and motivation to be discipline, and…on top of that, you don’t have to pay hundreds monthly for a gym membership?

Meet, BeatActive; The EDM Audio Workout Experience. BeatActive offers a variety of workouts that you can choose from –

SOMA – Full Body Workouts

KARDIA – Running Workouts

NUCLEO – Core Focused Workouts

PYRO – 7 Minutes Workouts

MAVERICK – Mix It Up Workouts

The core feature that I love most is the voice command that tells you what are the next exercises to be done. It’s like bringing a personal trainer into your ears! It allows me to workout seamlessly with my bluetooth earphones without me having to glance at my phone to know what the next exercise is, as clear countdowns and instructions are being provided accompanied with EDM music on the background that keeps you pumping when exercise routines are being performed. How convenient! There is also a MUSIC ONLY category if you just want to listen to BeatActive tracks during your workout session.

I personally tried SOMA’s Transcend – Full Body Workout at home. It was an effective half an hour workout and I definitely felt sore the next day after all those body weight exercises – reverse lunges, push ups, jump squats and a few other exercises and I felt great! There are variations of workouts to choose from, so it’s not boring and the length of each exercise and intervals in between differ as well. Some of those short intervals are the ones that got me out of breath!

You may have noticed that I stressed on the word provided earlier because at the end of the day, it’s very much depending on how hard you work and push yourself through the limits during those 30-60 seconds exercises and of course how discipline you are in completing the workout for you to benefit from it.

In a nutshell, as a fitness enthusiast and a mobile app developer, I’d say it’s definitely a fitness app worth having and using! If you have not heard of BeatActive or have not tried it, look it up at the App Store (currently available in iOS only), download it and start exercising!

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Beat Active : http://beat-active.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/beatactive/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/beatactive

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/beatactiveofficial

App Store : https://appsto.re/us/IMdJgb.i

What’s next? Love?

Few days ago, I’ve gotten myself a partially torn ligament, torn muscles and sprained ankle while doing a light jog in dragon boat land drill (boot camp style workout). Depending on my recovery rate, I have to give myself a good 6-8 weeks break. I have no choice but to put all my adrenaline rush activities on hold; dancing, gym and dragon boat trainings as I couldn’t walk without crutches now. It’s almost like the universe is telling me to slow down and stop.

Boredom and dreadfulness are definitely going to sink in in the coming days, but I’ll figure something out and make the best out of my recuperating days until I literally get back up on my feet! For a start, here I am writing, playing with my camera, making good use of my time figuring out alternative workouts that I can do, how I’m going to spend my following weeks – how do I commute to work especially amongst other things that I’ve been wanting to do and can do.

What pissed me off though, I went for land drill the other day, all full of excitement to pick up my very own paddle and floating device with my name embedded on it, looking forward so so so much to use it for the first time on lake training yesterday but all those excitement disappeared the minute I heard that loud crack from my ankle. When my team mates told me that they heard it too, I knew it then I must have torn something.

Furthermore, I’ve got trips planned and they are a month plus away. I wanted to try scuba diving in Tioman Island, visit Kundasang in Sabah, try their salsa scene and river rafting as well. On top of that, there’s also a dragon boat race (my first race) coming up at Langkawi in July, and that requires more trainings prior before that. Considering now that I can’t go full speed ahead, abruptly, ALL of that are temporarily crushed now. Roll eyes. 


Despite all that, this is when I’m being reminded that I’m being surrounded by loving and caring souls. I’d like to express my gratitude to my family & friends for the calls, messages and for being there. Really appreciate all of it. I’m truly happy and blessed to have all of you! Much love for you guys! xoxo

So, universe. Now that you cancelled all my activities and plans, I have the time to sit and listen. What are you trying to tell me? And you suck as a personal assistant by the way. What’s next?

I’m pretty happy with my career and job as of this point. One of these days though, I need to spend some time to dig in deeper about my career path.

Life after work; no doubt has been really happening. Besides dancing, and working out in the gym, I’ve gotten myself into dragon boating for almost 2 months now and will be graduating from the beginner’s course end of this month! Paddling with the KL Barbarians is really fun and tiring at the same time, as we train 3-4 times a week; Land, pool and lake drills. A lot of eating too with my team mates who are of course, crazily AWESOME!


KL Barbarians

Personal skills; I’ve also been trying to drill myself more in photography and editing but am always exhausted from my physical activities. Now I have the time to play around with my camera and stick my eye balls onto my laptop screen to explore photo editing even though I dislike the idea of staring at screens after work. Need to figure out how to take my sister’s engagement photos as well. Ah damn!

Relationship; I’m at the age where people around will start bombarding questions like “When are you getting married?” “Why are you still single?” My click of friends are all getting hitched. Our conversations evolved from home works, tuitions, co-curricular activities to career, relationships, bachelorette party and weddings. Oh how much we’ve all grown!

Am I socially or peer pressured? Well…not really. It may have crossed my mind but I’ve never really given it much thought. Instead, I embraced the perks of being single while I still am. I’ve been roaming like a free bird making new friends, doing new things that never would have thought of, being more adventurous in my bucket list and enjoying all the activities that I got myself into besides getting myself more injuries (this – NO FUN!).

I guess, finding love would be a great addition at this point. The fear of getting hurt and have courage to love again however, haunt me sometimes. You see, finding the right person isn’t easy, let alone finding love that reciprocates.

There’s no way you can force love anyway. Might as well, let the universe runs its course. Live your life with an open mind and heart. If things don’t work out for you, it simply means that something better is waiting for you, at least that’s what I’d like to believe. I supposed when the time is right, love finds you. When it does, be ready for it.


So to those who are still single, don’t fret! Go out, start living and have a little faith (trying to convince myself here too)! Some of us who are luckier, they’ve found each other in ways you could never have imagined. I’ll be featuring some of those real life love stories in one of my upcoming posts so stay tuned!

Ivory White Bridal


That’s right. That’s me in a wedding dress! The fact that my sister is the one who will tie the knot soon, but it was me who put on a wedding dress is oddly confusing. Oh well, last I checked, I’m still waiting for Mr Right to sweep me off my feet.

What happened was, an unknown lady (now no longer a stranger) dropped me a Facebook message one day inviting me over to check out their newly launched bridal studio, try on their wedding dresses hoping that I could write them a blog post…and I said yes! So here I am…typing… Sorry to disappoint guys, still no ring on my finger! 🙂

The real bride-to-be, my sister tagged along with me. Note to all ladies out there, if you are going to try out bridal gowns, do remember to wear decent looking underwear! Getting half naked in front of a stranger and your sister do take a couple of minutes to get used to. I tried on about 5 dresses and it’s pretty tiring I must say hopping in and out of them.

Ivory White Bridal was launched officially on the 22nd of January this year by this loving married couple, Mio/Mel and Jason. Well, Jason had been in the wedding photography industry for 4 years and counting and is more widely known to their clients as MJK Photography, and make ups are being done by Mel herself. Now, they provide bridal gown rental as well! Those beautiful dresses are being imported from Italy and mostly Taiwan. Ivory White Bridal has about 80 dresses in their studio currently.

A bridal gown rental costs RM988 per dress for a duration of 5 days from the day of collection to return. If you are interested to purchase a bridal gown, it costs roughly from RM2.8K – RM4.8K (averagely RM2.5K – RM3.5K).

It was definitely a pleasure to meet Mel and Jason that day. They are warm, friendly and nice. My sister and I had a good time experiencing our first wedding dresses try-outs. My personal preference would be the the mermaid tail dresses cause’ I like it a little body hugging, simple yet elegant. Shorter tail would be better for moving around, but my days to worry about all these wedding stuff is nowhere near around the corner for sure! 🙂

You can view some of the shots taken and information to both Ivory White Bridal and MJK Photography are right below.

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Ivory White Bridal
Official Website: http://ivorywhite.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/IvoryWhiteBridal.my
Instagram: www.instagram.com/ivorywhitebridal/

L’iddylle makeup studio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lidyllestudio

MJK Photography
Official Website: http://mjkphotography.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mjkphotography
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jasonkoong/

F-3-8, Pusat Komersial Jalan Kuching,
51300 Kuala Lumpur.


Getting there might be a little tricky, use Magna Prima Boulevard Business Park as your landmark. Turn right right after this building (the entrance before Toyota showroom), go straight to the end, ignore the no entry sign, turn left to the back alley of block G, go straight to the end and turn right.

What’s up for 2017?

More like, what’s down for 2017?? My first achievement of 2017…goes all the way down south!!

Yeap, you heard me right. Most women are shy to talk about it and prolly find it gross and too private to talk about, but we’re all adults (I know I am, not sure if you are!) *Clear throat* *Whisper* I’ve successfully put in my first freaking tampon! *Bow left*Bow right* It’s in my bucket list and it felt as though I’ve earned myself a gold medal. No kidding! Most women are terrified of it, myself included. The thought of sticking something IN there (you know what I mean) is scary and disgustingly weird! Oh-kay…awkward moment. Now you go ahead and do that face palm gesture. 🙂 I actually did some research on how-to instructions by watching youtube videos, read a little on precaution measures and risks (yes, there are risks, so it’s not something to be taken lightly) before attempting it. Oh, what would I do without Google?

Anyway, besides being 2 freaking 8 this year, speaking of bucket list, I’ve added a couple of new things in my bucket & travel list, and I just couldn’t wait to execute them! To be honest, I have a relationship that didn’t work out a year ago to thank for. I started fully utilising my Google Calendar and fill them daily square boxes with things that I want to do, strike off a few things of my bucket list, meet new people, and went head on trying new things to take my mind of the heart break rather than getting into an emotional dive. Ever since, my life became much more happening, lively & exciting and I intend to keep it that way from then onwards until the day I turn into ashes. “Life is short and we only live once!” So, I don’t wanna be painting a few dull brush strokes on my canvas but one that is full of beautiful drawings with vibrant colours! So, have you guys come up with your goals and resolutions for this year yet? If you haven’t, do it!

On top of that, I also came up with a few new pages; Review & Portfolio. You’d probably be wondering why there’s a review page. Well, I have plans to get into review writing. Thought it’d might be something new to try doing this year. As for my work portfolio, I have a separate blog for that but in case I want to merge it with this blog sometime in the future, it’s readily accessible here. You can now access them at the main menu above! Feel free to browse around and drop me a comment if you like! 🙂

Hello 2017!

Waved goodbyeeee to 2016 and heeeelllllooooo 2017! Happy New Year everyone! Before I take a dive into my last four months of 2016, here’s my standard new year wish; May all of you be blessed with great health, happiness and an awesome 2017! It’s already a week since new year, can you believe it?! Time passes so fast and new year felt like yesterday. Next thing you know it’s gonna be 2020! I wonder what lies ahead for me this year? Hmm…whatever it is, I hope 2017 will be even more happening, surprising and interesting. This year, I decided to start the year by giving a little donation to children in need. It’s not much but I figured it’s a nice thing to do.

The last four months of my 2016 was pretty tiring yet happening. I’ve written about my 2/3 of my 2016 in my previous post. You can read it here in case you missed it. My 2016 was freaking awesome and hell I felt very much alive last year. Not that I was dead before that but, you get what I mean. I live!!

So, what was in it for me in the last 1/3 of 2016? Dancing? Definitely! I danced my way to Bangkok for my first Salsa Bangkok Festival in November for 4 days 3 nights with a couple of my salsa friends. It was quite a tiring trip as we were trying to juggle between attending the Salsa event, which took up about 6 hours of our day for 3 days consecutively and doing a little sight seeing. There were performances by people from all around the world, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm and social dancing after that until 2am. Yeap, zombie Honey danced and walked around the street of Bangkok for days yo! I experienced my first pool party too. Well, dancing in the pool…totally weird. Try doing a dip on a girl when you dance in the water. It was funny, but pool water is definitely not my drink of choice! Obviously, I’m speaking from experience. LOL!


The street of Bangkok, Thailand. Photo taken by @honeyhong with Sony A6000

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to explore much of Bangkok, therefore I do have plans to go back there again to see more of Thailand; their culture, food (man I miss their Pad Thai and lime sauce steam fish!) and the shopping experience of course! Here are some of the photos I took from the trip : Bangkok, Thailand. Photos taken by @honeyhong


Pad Thai. Photo taken by @honeyhong with Sony A6000

However, amidst of all the fun, I received a shocking news that my grandpa had passed away while I was there. I returned to KL as scheduled and arrived home at midnight from Bangkok, had a couple hours of sleep, took the first morning flight back to Penang, and flew back to KL a few days after the funeral was over. Weekends before that and after, I’ve been making a lot of trips back to Penang to overlook some house renovation matter and it’s still ongoing. Sigh, can you see the big hole on my pocket now? Didn’t seem like the house is going to be ready by Chinese New Year.

Anyway, after all that crazy flying here and there (like I’m some millionaire’s wife!), I attended my first World Bachata Festival here in KL. I don’t take any Bachata lessons but I managed to pick some up from social dancing, so I figured I’d like to see what I can learn from there. I learned some cool Bachata sensual moves, made even more amazing new friends from all around the world, had a lot of crazy time with the salsa peeps here from KL and just kept on dancing!


Jim McCarthy and I dancing bachata during World Bachata Festival 2016

Came December; I hope you guys had a good time celebrating Christmas and New Year eve! My company had a Christmas party a week before and I managed to get two of my friends to attend, one of them which I hadn’t keep in touch with for a while, and they had a great time bonding with my colleagues. It was lovely to catch up a little bit.

I spent Christmas eve out dancing on my usual Saturday night. As for New Year eve, I decided to head to a bar restaurant for some pop dancing with Kim, my crazy gym bro who can shake… that… ass! Oh yeah, I think we rocked the dance floor alright. Well, the dancing were great but those annoying guys who were bothering us weren’t! All and all, I think I’ve shorten a little bit of my life span inhaling the smoke but it was an awesome way to usher the New Year! Woohooooo!!..Until I fell sick on the very first day of 2017, and I still sound like a frog with my stuffy nose.

On top of all the exhilarating dancing, my job, working out in the gym and meeting new people, I rekindled with some friends that I’ve lost touch for a while. Friends who I got to know during their business trip here to Malaysia; from Germany, UK, Austria and they all have plans to visit Malaysia soon, with their partners. Can’t wait to see them again after a long time!

Well, I guess that wrapped up one of the chapters in my life;  a good one indeed. I started a new job, made a lot of new friends, danced like it was the end of the world, spend a little more time with family and friends, got myself injured and recovering from it, went travelling, put on some weight 🙂 and then achieved my fitness goal, picked up 4 types of dances in 10 months… I’d say that’s some achievement. Everything seemed to fall into place in 2016, except for relationship. No luck in that one yet but it’s all good! I’m happy and content with everything I have right now. Here’s to another amazing new year. Can’t wait to fill up the jar with more interesting stories. Until then, have a great weekend guys! Cheers! 🙂



Many of us are afraid to love, committing into a relationship or marriage because the fear of getting their heart broken, of giving too much, of ending up with the wrong person in life over powered them. A heart break is a heart break, regardless of how many relationships we had. Each time, the light of hope and trust diminished and we came up with our very own protection mechanism.

But, how will you ever know if the person is the right one for you? Truth is, you never will. Nobody in this world will ever know a person deep down to the core but him or herself. I’ve been slammed on the face with a dramatic ugly truth of late, and I certainly do not know how I should feel about the matter and am yet to decide how to go through with it. Turned out, the person that I thought I’ve known for a long time is not exactly what I thought he/she is.

Love, relationship and marriage are not as simple as all the lyrics in a love song or as romantic as all the fairytales in a romance novel. They are as fragile as a glass. Small cracks on it might shatter it all; unexpected event that may not even seem possible when you are in that sweet little bubble of yours, regardless how long and stable a relationship or marriage is. Adulthood is complicated at times, and everything and anything is possible. That however, does not give us any room to judge because you can never put yourself in another person’s shoe until you go through the similar situation yourself.

There is no man in this world who knows what the future holds. The only thing we could take charge of, is to have hope and courage. One needs to decide whether or not he/she is worth taking the risk with, have courage and take a leap of faith to find happiness, true love, to love, to be loved and go through ups and downs together. It takes two to tango; a hard work of a lifetime to keep the glass intact regardless of the cracks; to sustain the love, passion, respect, tolerance and many other aspects in a relationship or marriage.

For a person who have only been in a failed relationship twice all my life, single, not married and the lack of years of life experiences may not put me as the best person to write and talk about this but I’ve been equally hurt like some of you out there who probably went through many more heart breaks than I did. However, with each relationship we went through, we gained memories worth telling and ponder in life be it sweet or sour, learned about ourselves better, knowing your self worth, what we want and deserve in life despite the heart ache that might be inevitable.

I’ve subconsciously allowed fear to take place in a tiny corner of my fragile little heart even though I appear to be my usual happy, confident and tough self most of the time, but gladly, I’ve also allowed time to perform it’s magic. I finally broke free from the chains that I’ve put on myself by leaving the fear, uncertainties, insecurities and expectations that I have in that tiny corner, embracing the fact that it will always be there in life and knowing that by keeping myself locked up for a long time, I will miss out all the beautiful things in life. Find your happy place because life is just too short.


Just like that, 2/3 of 2016 are gone. How time really flies! 2016 has been amazingly happening for me.

I go out more than I used to. That saying, money flow out more too! I had a dramatic yet fun start to the year. Soon after, I picked up Salsa dancing, on top of my usual workouts in the gym, and I’m totally hooked! I picked up Bachata as well from social dancing, and now challenging myself to learn Zouk-Lambada. 3 dances in 6 months! The best thing that comes with it is that I made more friends than I ever did in a short period of time and we all share the same passion and interest.

Throughout this 2/3 of 2016, my 9 months  and counting job has been good. I have fun and nice colleagues that make my 5 days at work non dreadful at all! I still find rooms to improve myself in what I do for a living.

Besides my repetitive routines, I travelled to two countries this year; Osaka & Kyoto, Japan for my first trip out overseas. I love, love, love and miss, miss, miss Japan! Months after, I had an opportunity to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia for work. Seeties Jakarta team gave us a very warm welcome and they are nice peeps! Upcoming one would be Bangkok, Thailand. Out of passion rush, I booked my flight ticket to attend Salsa Bangkok Fiesta, and weeks after that, World Bachata Festival. I feel crazy but who cares? I truly love it!

On top of all of that, I spent a lot of money for medical bills as well due to all the injuries I had but am glad that I am recovering from all of it. Hopefully, no more injuries.

Despite living in my happy little bubble, I’ve had my down moments where I questioned myself and felt lost. I met some people who really showed me how indecent one could be and how ugly truth can be. But I’m glad that I managed to pull myself up. Whatever it is, we just have to make sure that we don’t lose ourselves in the process.

All in all, as I ponder of late, I love how unpredictable  and interesting my life has been this year and I’m enjoying every bit of it as it comes at me. Look forward to finish the last 4 months of 2016 with better health, more joy & happiness!

Finding Dory

Decided to find Dory on my own today and it turned my rather blue Friday to a happy and grateful one. The movie Finding Dory is a great reminder of how life’s unpredictable and that’s why it’s beautiful. The ups and downs of it, and we just have to keep on swimming.

I’ve always thought to myself, that the one thing I never want for myself is memory loss; just like Little Dory, for not being able to remember my family and friends, all the sweet and bitter memories I had with them. I felt frustrated for that little blue animated fish!

So, random as it is, I just want to say that I cherish and love each and every one of you even though we might be close or not really; my family, friends, colleagues, gym buddies, salsa mates, everyone I befriended; I truly am grateful to have all of you, who really spiced up and bring joy to my life. Love you guys! ❤️

P/S : If you haven’t catch the movie, make sure you do!