Touching Aural Test!

Today, we have Aural test for English and one of my friend talked about a person she admire the most…Her story is so touching and even make me cried. What about her story that makes me cry? Humph…

Its about someone who doesn’t evern appreciate you as a friend although you’ve done so much for that someone. Sometimes, I just wonder, what is the whole point that we’ve done so much, but never been appreciated?

This friend of mine eventually cried when she is doing her aural test. Right in front of everybody, right in front of the teacher. For the first time, everyone in my class eventually paid attention to someone who is doing their aural…

What about this friend of mine?
She does so many things to make that someone happy, a girl, but definitely not about a lesbianism topic. The girl she admired so much, never appreciate what this friend of mine do for her. In the end, only one hurtful phrase she mentioned to my friend “We shall never be friends again”. All she wants is just to be her sister and there’s nothing wrong about it.

But life isn’t our decision, to control and to make a choice that is impossible…
So, my friend…you still have us as your friend…and you should just keep it as your pass…Don’t drag it along with your future…


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