Feeling lonely!

Have you ever felt so lonely although there’s so many people around you?
Well, I do! Sigh…basically this place is where I express my sadness, my happiness and my dissatisfaction mainly because, no one ever visit my blogs…What’s the big deal..Even better..where I can say anything I want..I need a friend who will talk to me…but none of them are willingly and honestly listen to your problems…don’t you think so?? I felt so, miserable..having no one to talk to, having no one to joke to and so on…so whenever I found a person to talk to..I felt so happy, so grateful, that I actually have a person to talk and to crap to…But it never last long, Cause people will get bored of listening to you everytime..but if there are true friends…they will do that for you..they will sit and listen at you…but such people never exist anymore..except for certain people…what am I crapping about here???


2 thoughts on “Feeling lonely!

  1. daeds says:

    Ayyy Gin Theng, it’s only the “online fever” working on here! I used to feel the same when I had my online journal.And now I left it. xDWell, really if you feel that lonely you can talk to anyone around you. There’s surely someone who’s willing to listen. The thing about being online is, sometimes you tend to feel like someone else. Your identity in the real world and the identity of you online tend to clash, suddenly you feel all alone when you’re in front of the computer, seeing that you’re not really that popular here.Believe me, i think that is what gets to most of us. I’ve been through it and it’s a frikken tiring cycle. I think it takes time to break it, but you will. Realize you have friends outside this artificial world you’re talking in, friends around you at school, make an effort to be around them too. Don’t only expect them to come to your aid when you feel lonely, yet you don’t tell them so.There’re good people around you, who are willing to talk to you. Don’t feel isolated because it will eventually make you isolate yourself. Feeel haappy and have a good laugh at anything! It makes things much better. 🙂


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