Being blame 4 just a duty!

Being blame because of my asst. monitor duty?..
Here’s explanation…but I don’t really care about it anymore..
Just to explain that it is not my fault to write ya name in the record book as I have to! according to the school rules…I don’t break school rules…not that I never, but not frequent.
Not my fault my teacher took action on you…its because some one report about it to the teacher..and guess what, oh, I got the blame!
I’m sick of explaining stuff that I don’t do…just so sick of it…
Well, you know what?
Go on and tell the whole world, go on telling all my friends that I do this to you…
Why should I waste my time giving explanation here..Only one reason, Its not my fault!
Just wanna let you know that the cause of it comes from yourself. Think of it!
That’s all!


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