Heart broken….
this is about a friend of mine…
not really close to her…

She have a crush on a guy.
A guy that is very sweet, caring and kind.
They became kinda close..and this guy treat her nice and care about her.
For the first time, she felt that there are still people that do care of her
but sadly, recently, that guy had a relationship with a girl which is much prettier, slimmer, clever and much much better than her…
at that moment she felt so down…but after thinking for a while, she felt that she’s not that sad..and not really into him….she felt like ending the friendship between them..but it’s not worth it…she rather stay as his best friend than nothing. She felt like she will never fell in love or have a crush on a guy again as everytime it will only break her heart and she will only wait for “the one”…what that doesn’t belongs to her, it will never be hers…she rather wait than be hurt once again…

Just a piece of mind : why does everyone judge people by looks??? for once…can’t they just look deep inside and not the visage of a person? sometimes things are hurtful aren’t they?


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