Traplex 2005

Traplex 2005…
Training : Pleasure : Expedition
The camp I will miss the MOST!!! my last end year camp…
Man…I don’t even know how to start this blog…
I will treasure every single moment…when I’m with me fellow excos, old friends & new friends I’ve befriended…during TX O5…
There have been so much differences from the starting of exco meeting, pre-camp until TX O5 ends…I’ve made loads of new friends…the whole board of excos…except some old friends & my school friends of course..but we are definitely closer now…
but funnily enough..each person from each school will be closer to other person from other school..but that is how we made new friends don’t we??
I’ve made so much new friends…lets start of with the board of excos..hmm…

ASSL Yeoh Jit Wei
A person that is so serious with his work till I got so scared of him and I never wanna talk to him but after a while when I really get to know him, I find him FINE..I mean..a person that is nice to mix with but sometimes he is just too straight forward and sometimes what he said is just a lil bit hurtful but he doesn’t know it. But overall, is a caring guy as he took good care of all the guides exco…next!

TL Eddy Lim
A person that I wanted to slap so much for scolding us always…but I understand his condition, his post as a TL is not an easy job to took over. Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he makes ppl get angry. As a matter of fact, he’s a fine guy except the way he talks. He just love to scream at us but he’s a responsible person. He manage the camp properly and sometimes he might just be the person for you to share your problems. Why am I praising you??!

ATL Leong Wai Soon
The monkey in the exco board! I think he’s more like a baboon. He’s the most friendly among Eddy & Hon Sern cause’ he’s the person that I can bully the most! he’s a funny and friendly guy but he gets serious when he comes to work which is good and he’s more polite than the TL of course. He’s a kind person also. You should thank me for shouting and handling the syok time for you and cause me to lost my voice!!

ATL Wong Hon Sern
His profession is only to scold and to scream. As a matter of fact, he admit it himself. Well, done a lot of training for MC-ing. Overall, it turns out kinda good. Singing training. After the MC-ing stuff, he turns out to be a more friendly person unlike his old profession. He talks to me more after camp unlike before he used to scold me but not always. He’s a very hardworking fella and he takes his work seriously…next!

ASM Tan Kean Hoong
My old buddy which is also known as Chicken Hoong, loves giving me weird names. ex : honey kai!…anyway, he’s a very helpful person especially last year as well as this year…very blur person who knock his own car on a pillar. He just might be thinking of “you-know-who”..lolx..he’s really good in scouting. Discipline Master! don’t play play. Scary when he gets angry, you know, DISCIPLINE!! overall, he’s a nice cute guy…next!

ASM Bernard Chun
Another old buddy of mine! He’s tall n fair. He can be a very good actor especially when he acts as a girl. Remember? “You take 20, PL take 30, members take 10”..haha..anyway, he’s a very cute fella…make a lot of couple in the board of excos. I guess I don’t have to mention their name. He’s like a big cute polar bear. offense. Get serious when its time to be serious and he take his job!

ASM Yong Jia Haur
Also my old buddy…also got darling in the committee…jk..i guess you pretty much know what I mean..lolx. I have some arguements with him when we’re settling the combine dance, but everything is over now. A very nice person to argue with but sometimes he talks a lil bit over but he didn’t realise it. Overall, he’s a nice person to bully and to mix with..

ASM Ooi Joo Khim
The person that I don’t really mix with. My first impression about him is he loves keep things simple. And he don’t really like to take pictures. But he still take pictures with us by force…not really and once i took his picture when he’s reading newspaper. He looks like a cat! Tom & Jerry. jkjk..Anyway, I can’t really comment on him much as in I don’t really mix with him. But it’s nice to know him…next!

Chooi Ji An
my school mate. the person I love to bully the most!!! hehe..actually not the most but I love to perli her. She’s my AUL, a good one. She’s very responsible and a helpful guide. I bet she does have loads of fun during camps especially cabaran and I’m da cleanest. Luckily I’m not in the same station as her otherwise I’ll ended up like Hon Sern. Am I right?? Hehe. Well, she’s a funny and a friendly girl..very blur sometimes. Next!

Fiona Tay
another school mate of mine! jumping so much especially when she’s dancing. maybe she’s too light or something. maybe i can name her “jumping shrimp”? just joking. she’s also another AUL of mine. her brain is full of ideas. she’s a good guide and good in ballet. also one of my bully target. basically, i just bully those who are smaller than me i mean, by size…no offense. hehe…next!

Chen Chey Hui
my best buddy! she’s the most funny gurl I’ve ever met. she’s younger than me one year but I can get along with her very well. A person that can release all my sadness and my loneliness when I mix with her as in she will make her jokes and stuff. even she herself is already funny! she’s a nice girl to mix with. No regrets to befriend a person like her.

Teoh Hue Yi
another friend of mine from CDK. she’s cute and nice. It’s nice to have a person like her as my friend. She’s a funny and nice person. Love to have her around. Can gossip and get along easily but not as noisy as me though. well, she’s a nice girl and guys out there, you have to wait for a long queue man…next!

Teoh Xin Wen
Another CDK girl. I love calling her yi sou. you guys wanna know the reason why?? well that, you have to ask Hon Sern! hehe. she’s the most innocent girl and the most quiet girl in the committee unlike ME!!! but she love a guy oso quietly bak kata pepatah “diam diam ubi berisi”..I hardly read what that is playing in her mind! overall, she’s a nice girl! next…

Deborah Kang
She’s also another best buddy of mine. Another gossip pal of mine, tall and more quiet than me of course. We sure do have a lots of fun during camp and there’s just so much to describe about her. She’s nice and friendly. She, Chey Hui and I always do stupid stuff together. Sometimes we’re even more pathetic than Jit Wei himself. we took pictures non stop especially Chey Hui and I. well, overall, she’s a good and a nice girl…next!

Mariel Lai
She’s a nice girl. A little bit shy to speak in Hokkien but we always happen to speak Hokkien in front of her. A photogenic girl. She’s a nice caring girl. Don’t talk much. I get to know her last year. She’s friendly and I’m glad to have a nice friend like her!!

Melissa Ang
She’s a nice and a caring girl. A person that is suitable for you to share your problems. She’s so in love with someone in the committee also..right? Chi Xin Jue Dui..a very beautiful and meaningful song. Don’t you think?? haha. I’m starting to get I better type!

Theresa Teh
A very super funny girl..sometimes a lil bit disgusting as in she loves burpin’ like Angelin. Her burpin’ partner. Loves burpin when we’re eating. She’s a nice and funny girl to mix with. She’s got this blur face that is so funny. I can’t stop laughing whenever I mix with her. Kinda good in dancing. Practice makes perfect! Sorry I can’t make it to CTC Campnight to see you dance!

May Kwoon
Another girl from CLS. We have one thing in common. We both love talking. But not as loud as her. No offense. well, she’s a nice girl to mix with. Friendly and a very good listener. A person that listen to my problems, my comments, my gossips, my complaints and stuff. She’s just a nice a person to befriend with..

Lay Kean
Another young member in the committee. A lil bit childish but still cute. She’s a nice girl..I don’t really talk to her but she’s a helpful girl. Remember we pacak till so strong together with Angelin? Remember how hard we fix back the wall for the gateway? In the end, my technic is better…The Mallet!! I will miss the moment loadz..

Yik Ming
Tai Sou!!! She’s very funny and cute. always say im crazy cause i always perli her and always laugh non stop. But sometimes she got this weird attitude. no offense. But i dont know how to describe it..and it is not something bad about you. lolx. overall, it’s nice working with her as a asst. reporting officer but hard 4 me to report in with my froggy voice when i lost my voice!

Ye Huey
Another siao po! like talking so much..she’s a friendly and a nice girl. her head is full of ideas oso. nice working with her in the banner painting. we certianly put loads of time thinking of the colours that we should paint on the wordings and the banner. i certainly got annoyed with her sms tone. lolx. feeling like deeping her phone in the pelaka!! she’s a nice girl to befriend with..

Hsiao Swang
The paling blur face hsiao swang. took me such long time to pronounce her name. she’s also known as mashimaro. haha. at first i called her siao swang as in gila swang. but later on, i can pronounce her name correctly. she’s a nice funny girl. i’m glad to have her as my cute friend!!!

Angelin Teh
Theresa’s burpin’ partner. Another abnormal siao po! jkjk..well, at first i don’t really talk to her, but after i get to know her i find her funny and friendly. real crazy girl but its nice to have her as my understanding friend. She’s a nice girl to talk to. Love her being in charge of the PA as she’s there to talk to me when i was MC-ing. lolx. she’s a good dancer as i can see..

Rachel Yong
Rachel..a lil quiet but nice. She’s a nice girl to talk to, to mix with and to have fun with..basically, she’s a tau iu girl as she makes me help her to blow the balloon full of tau-iu and tomato sauce!!! man, u owe me one! luckily i didn’t lost my voice again. u certainly does owe me one!!! must buy me souvenir from kl!!!

Su Ting
The most cheeky girl in the committee. she loves to bully ppl, love to tickle ppl. a very cute and friendly girl. very funny too and she loves to laugh a lot. who knows one day she’ll lost all her gigi..haha..jkjk, well, she really is a funny girl. makes a good partner to chey hui. all the siao pozz together. hehe. im glad to have you as my friend!

Well, I certainly took a lot of time writing this blog…I make loadz of new friends. Jit Shiong [Froggy Yeoh], Jooi Hong [Dugong], Patrick [souvenir-boy], Lip Yew, Royce and loadz more…I’ve talk to a lot of strangers especially Jit Shiong’s friends who love calling me “MADU”..they’re kinda friendly and funny…and Jit Shiong, thanks for bandaging my hand..i’m so glad to know all of you..all the “apeks of 7th South”…jkjk
glad to have my old friends back to visit Traplex 2005..Chee Fei, Terry and Terence.
Funnily, I started talking to Ting Chao and Wai Kin which last time I don’t even want to talk to them…well, what is over is over..

TRAPLEX 2005 is over..just like that..I wish I could turn back the time but it is an impossible thing to do..I will cherish all the moments that I miss so much…during meeting, pre-camp, TRAPLEX and outing!!!…I love you guyz..all of you!!! I took 2 hours to write this blog…pheww!! Finish…kindly drop me some comments yea!!!


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