ko-kurikulum day 2006!!!

Ko-Kurikulum Day 2006

Well done!!! To all fellow excos and rangers…
You guys had done a great job!!!

Phew!! I cant believe that we excos manage to dig 12 one arm holes…in 1 and 1/2 hours time…
Unbelievable!!!…for the 1st time…my very own creation of gateway…a simple and nice one…
It took us 3 days to build it up and just 30 minutes to strike it…sigh…heart broken!!!
However, I’m satisfied with everyone’s performance…
Thanks for helping me to handle this important day…
Everything went well and no problems occured on that day…very well done!!!
You guys have been supporting me a lot…thanks again…
Let this day be a memorable one as I lost my voice again…turned into more sexy than usual…
keep up the guiding spirit in us and cherish every single moment we spent together during the preparation of the gateway and on the ko-ku day itself…
Love you guyz so much!!!

Honey Hong
[You’re very own Unit Leader]


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