This incident happened on the 3rd of March 2006..
Should I call it accident more than an incident??
Well…here’s how the story goes…

My close friend, Jie Yee.. my adorable into an accident..
She was on the bike with her brother…on the way to tuition…
They were both then hit by a car…a woman…because she didn’t see the indicator..
And she couldn’t send both of my friend to the hospital because she was in a hurry to fetch her son! [What other silly excuse can she give??…Hello…its life that we’re talking about here!!!]

The brother suffered injury on the right arm and right leg…as for my friend..she got her collar bone fractured, deep cut on her face near her eye…She had to go for a surgery for her knee and plastic surgery for the cut on her face…and exam is just around the corner…

Get well soon…and take care of yourself….miss you so much Jie Yee..can’t wait to see you at school…

P/S: People out there, drive safely and safety comes first…and please, please be more responsible if it is your fault that the accident occur…


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