Langkawi Trip

My trip to Langkawi is definitely fun…

The picture above is Pulau Payar…there is where we stop to wait for other passengers to get in the boat…I took one of the pictures with all the English men…sun tanned…phew!!! it’s a very hot weather…

15th of March 2006

Have a nice boat trip to Langkawi..there an Italian guy [i think]…talks to me..he’s…we went around Kuah Town..there is where we stay…at Chogm Villa..we just done the window shopping on the first day…and of course..FOOD!!! We went to shop at Billion for chocolate, have McDonald…At night, we visited the Eagle Square where the big eagle is…Took me quite some time to snap a nice and clear view of the eagle…

16th of March 2006

Underwater World Langkawi…my most favourite place…enjoying my time looking at the underwater creatures…penguins, sharks, arapaima [the world largest freshwater fish]..but still it is not as big as the one I saw in Penang…my dad’s friends rare 2 of it…and it is much bigger…I wonder if he sells it to the Underwater much would he get…hmm??…Anyway, we then have fun riding the Cable Car..well, its a lil scary with 710 metres above the sea level…We passed by Cenang Beach..and we even went to the Beras Terbakar and Padang Matsirat…

17th of March 2006

The next day, we went for a swim in the morning at the pool…Then we went to Galeri Perdana which is sorta a gallery for our prime minister, histories of langkawi, legends of langkawi and more…Well, I’ve signed the Guest you’ll be seeing my signature!!! Next, we went to Tanjung Aru beach…well, I have no idea whether I’ve gone crazy or what..i kinda got addicted with fruits that day…I add 2 packets of red guavas, 2 packets of green guavas, 2 packets of sweet mangos, and 2 rojaks..its cheap and delicious…man i love the food…but I still love Penang more!!! Then we went to Black Sand Beach..i wrote my name on the sand…I wonder if it is still there…Then we stop by at a temple and pray…

18th of March 2006

Last day in Langkawi..we went shopping again…Guess what (chocolate)…well, this time we bought it ..We stopped by Pulau Payar on the way back home and waited for the rest to get on the boat..At the mean time…I fed the fishes with all my biscuits…and all of the tourist..having fun taking pictures of the fishes…including me…but why my BISCUITS!!!??However, it was a nice journey and Langkawi is a nice, peaceful place

At 6.30pm…we reached PENANG!!! Glad to be home somehow…


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