SGGS Graduation Dinner 2006

Time : 7.00pm – 11.00pm
Venue : Traders Hotel [Shangri-La Hotel]
Date : 17th June 2006
Theme : Masquerade

The dinner was fun….
Everyone look so beautiful and stunning on that night…with their masks…
Everyone enjoys taking photos…especially me and my friends…
Pictures available at :
The food were fine…there’re performance and stuff going on…

Staying a night after the dinner was not a good idea…trust me..
I ended up laughin’ with my friends until 4 am…As a result, I fell sick..being absent from school for 2 days already…And I did not wish for it…Guess its because we ate 5 plates of fries in the middle of the night…
It is fun stayin’ with my friends..taking silly picture…chattin’ about silly topics…
Doing silly stuff…It was so a girls night out…

My advise : Don’t have 5 plates of fries in the middle of the night…you’ll ended up having a bad cough, chest pain, sore throat & flu…which you would not get to sleep at night….that’s sufferin’ man…that’s what that is happening to me now….

Well, I’m still ill…need to go get some rest…so…till here for now…



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