More prezzies for my birthday!!!

I’m so happy today…I got more presents!!!
I’ve got 4 things for my belated birthday today!!
1st present – Must keep in the refrigerator
2nd present – Something breakable
3rd present – Blank box???
4th present – A lovely CD from my friends

Well, guess what is the first present is…Lots and lots of chocolate!!! You guys trying to make me fat huh?? Lolx…
I will have my sweet time eating sweet chocolate from my sweet friends on my sweet 17th !!!

2nd present is a glass with writing on it..full of DBSK’s name…man..i love you guys so much!!! it’s so sweet..and it’s hand made..No more going to S&J…lolx..and a small glass too with Por Por’s signature on it… it!!

3rd present – A box with one small teddy bear and a platypus?? I think..maybe it’s another creature but my 1st impression of it is a’s cute!!!

4th present is a CD burned by my friends…In it there’s lot of DBSK pics..and a LOVELY SLIDESHOW specially made for me!!!! With DBSK background…too bad the audio can’t be played..but it’s okay…In the slide..there’s lovely, sweet and meaningful messages from my friends…I’m so touched when I see the slide…

Sweet messages from POR LIN, CYN YEE, SIANG LING, LIN WEY, CHING LING, KEAN HOONG, HUI MIN, YAN XIN, SIEW MON…do tell me if i miss out any names!!! and thank you so much for the presents!!! Love it so much…

Let’s all work hard together for our exams!!! Aja Aja Hwaiting!!!
Luv yall..Muakxiezz!!!

Lots of love,


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