L.O.S.T in Penang Island!!!

Got lost in Penang Island itself!!! TWICE!!!
Fun??? Adventurous??? or Horrible???

Things do not go as it was suppose to be…I mean according to plan…
We are suppose to visit Traplex 2006 camp nite…
We did…but we found that, that wasn’t the fun part after all…
Spending time with our friends are the most fun and meaningful moment that we actually cherish…

Well, it all started with the plan to visit Atiqah…with Jacky, Jelly and Meow.
Then, we went back to Jacky’s house and wait for her to do her stuff and…checking out her stuff in her room…her make-up stuff, DVD [good thing for Jie Yee..she took so many!!!]..and especially her VAIO laptop..PINK in colour..[so jealous!!! can you ask your dad take me as his daughter too???!!! hehe..=)]

Anyway, we have a nice road trip in Jacky’s ELLA [her car]…singing and stuff…chit chatting..and also, having a nice time ‘hon-ning’ the 3 “tu-kau(s)” couple…[according to Jacky]..because they could not stop talking although they’re on their bike…and definitely slowing us down!!! One of them even point their middle finger to Jacky..well, eventually, we saw them at Chopper Board [where we have our lunch]…lucky enough, they could not recognise us…other wise, our 2 KARATE-GURLS [jacky & meow] will show their UN-PRACTISED karate skills!!!!

Then, the 3 of us [Jelly, Meow and I] had to wait for almost an hour for our SIU LAI JACALYN KOW to try on her prom dress…at [I could not remember the name]…Well, she had a hard time wearing it…taking it out and CHOOSING the right dress. Well, on the way back..we had to cross the road and I never shouted when I cross a road..thanks to Jelly!!!

Back in Gurney, we met Dominic and Win Son [as planned]…We practically didn’t do anything but talking and walking around…helping Win Son choosing a present for his darling…Well, he practically chose a PORCUPINE….SHARPY!!!! for Adeline [nice meeting you Ade!!]…He tried to find a reason why he bought that PORCUPINE!!…my “boyfriend”..dom..don’t wanna buy me a snow man for christmas…ish!!!

Dinner time together with Ji-An and Jo…at Subway E-Gate..Things get a bit *something* for me and Jelly…but we still enjoy the day though…We took a lot of pics together…things went much funnier when we had our 2 “gay partner” doing some “funny” action together…[don’t think too far..they’re just best friend]..Then came one dumb guy selling can opener..sort of like charity…So we bought four from him..Jacky, Jelly, Win Son and I bought it…One funny question that Win Son ask that guy was “How do you open the can???” [pointing at the can opener].. I was like “What the heck…that guy could not speak..what is Win Son trying to do???!!!”…Everyone started laughing at him when the guy left… According to Win Son, a person that is TONE DEAF could not play instruments…meaning ALL OF US are TONE DEAF??? lolx….excluding me, Jack, Dom and he himself [we play instruments..haha]…

Things went much more exciting when Jacky made a wrong turn…and we eventually SESAT!!! haha…=)..there goes nothing but SHOUTING!!! and SINGING!!! Jelly scolded us for discriminating her wonderful singing [jelly, just joking!!]..well, we eventually shouted when Jacky almose bang on a divider..when she was trying to make a turn to the left…and all of us shouted LEFT!!!!!…lolx..and Jacky goes like…”ban ban lai..” lolx…our great DRIVER..

Reaching PFS…but before that we have to search for Awatoo or Atoowa [something like that]..Restaurant to pick up Win Son’s darling..Adeline..Jacky almost went to the wrong turning again…and everyone shouted LEFT!!!! Well, Win Son eventually made us sesat the second time because he DIDN’T even know where he is going!!! He drove Jacky mad!!!lolx..all of us too..When Adeline got into the car, Win Son totally forgot his job as a MAP…

Great thing we reached PFS safely…Meow and Jacky had a nice foot MUD MASSAGE…I met a lot of old friends and it was fun!!! Jacky, Jelly, Meow and I walked to McD just to get Meow’s and Jacky’s legs washed. Lolx…Jelly and I were having relaxing time eating ice-cream and drinking coke!!..DON’T ever let JELLY feeds you with ice-cream..[You might lose your teeth!!]

Anyway, as soon as we got back to PFS..We [Jacky, Jelly, Meow, Dom and I] had a great time updating ourself with each other experiences and flashing back sweet memories and imagining our future…especially Jacky..she wanna be a “SAYAKIATRIST” [psychiatrist is what she meant…]..Jie Yee’s funny acts were so funny…we laughed all night long..and we realise we never get sick of laughing…and that is what we do all the time…and the ROAD TRIP was awesome with a GREAT REPUTATION DRIVER [Jacky], noisiest passengers [Meow, Jelly, and I], semi-quiet passenger [Dom] and a UN-CERTIFIED MAP [Win Son]…Over all…it was a fun day!!!…

We shall do it again soon!!!! Looking forward for the day!!!


4 thoughts on “L.O.S.T in Penang Island!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hehe.. not bad.. never read one before.. this is my frist and u made an impact on me.. it seems interesting.. if i had the time then maybe i dhoul dtry to make onehaha.. okok.. funny… didnt know jac was a bad driver.. haha.. no wonder la dom was saying :winson.. cannot be reach at the moment.. please try again later.. now it makes sense…hehe.. okok…until next time.. got thihgs to do yeah.. haha… update me once in awhile yeah.. quite interesting to read.. winks..bye and have fun..


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