I visited her today,
She’s getting better and better,
Still in comma but she could breath by her own now..
And she shows some reaction when we hold her hands..
According to the doctor, it’s a good sign…
I will still pray hard for you and I just wanted you to know,
That I will always be there, giving you support to get through this aight???

Love ya eika…

Lotsa love,


2 thoughts on “Atiqah…

  1. daeds says:

    I just read your blogs entries on Atiqah and I truly am extremely sad. I’m not sure who she is though but I sure hope she’ll be alright.I had an aunt who had the same fate as Atiqah about one month ago. It’s called a brain aneurysm, right?At least Atiqah is gradually getting better, and she could still open her eyes a bit, right? Hopefully she’ll be fine.My aunt didn’t make it. Her blood vessels burst and she fainted immediately. Her breathing stopped after 30minutes and they put her on life support. She went into a coma for two days and left four kids, the eldest only 18 years old.It was extremely sad.I’d hate to see it happen to anyone else.Pray she’d be alright.


  2. [[ *..:: Ho[n]ey Ho[n]g ::..* ]] says:

    ohh…that’s really sad…well, she used to be in our school…now in MRSM..She could open her eyes a bit..but still not concious…Yea…we could not know what is gonna happen to us in the future right…There’s nothing we can do but just support her and pray for her…Pray that she’d be alright too…


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