"Da Clover"

After so long…my friend..Jacky and Jelly…enter college,
We went out for the first time!!! To Queensbay Mall..

We have lunch in Kenny Rogers…and it’s Jelly’s first time.
She did a lot of “first time stuff” with us.
We walk…I think 5 rounds…walking in Queensbay Mall.

Jelly left early. We were on the quest of searching a present for Evonne.
We bought a necklace with real clover in it. It’s apple in shape. They said “apple” for chinese belief is “safe”. [Now I know]. Clover brings luck..but things went funnier after we bought it.

Jacky lost her ring!!!! Her precious ring…she was so worried and almost cried..but she found it at last in her POCKET!!!

After a long walk, Jacky suddenly pop up a question…”HONEY, DID YOU KEEP MY CAR KEYS??” …I was like, “OH MY GOD…” cause as far as I remembered I didn’t keep her car keys. It was in Jelly’s bag and she’s back home already. Lucky enough that her house isn’t that far.

We tried calling her but sadly, there was no line!!! Then, we went down to Jusco to get something before calling her. The petal of the flower on Jacky’s shoe BROKE and the fake diamond on the middle of the shoe came off. We tried searching for it. But, nope…we didn’t find it. Too bad!

Then we went to a coffee house [which I don’t know the name]…And we bought coffee to refresh ourself up. We got Jelly on the way to QB Mall. Then, we continue our journey to Jacky’s car. She accidentally spilled a lil coffee on her pants. She went to TGI and ask for tissue from Amy!..lolx…

Finally, in the car. We were so exhausted. And we tried to figure out the way to get home. Jacky made 2 and half round at the round-a-bout just to figure out which lane to go in. So funny… [Imagine…just turning and turning]

But we got home still…I still have fun..
Here are some pics that we’ve took…


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