Nails Hansen

Nails Hansen
[Manicure, Pedicure, French Manicure, Nails Extension & all nails services]
Feel free to drop by at any of the outlets :
[Gurney Plaza : 04-2298850]
[Island Plaza : 04-8906833]
[Queensbay Mall : 04-6452680][Open everyday from 10.30 am to 10.00 pm]
Call up to make appointment or just walk in!
Some short info :
Manicure : Ladies = RM30, Men = RM40
Pedicure : Ladies = RM38, Men = RM48
Spa Manicure : RM60 [Paraffin Wax, Hair Removal or Mask]
Spa Pedicure : RM70 [Paraffin Wax, Hair Removal or Mask]
French Manicure : RM45
French Pedicure : RM50
For more info please call us at the number above.
Okay, enough of advertising…back to my work story… *winkx*

First day at work at Queensbay Mall…was fine…
I’m working as a receptionist and I learnt a lot today.
I have to take care of the cash register, learn how to use it..and also the machine for the credit card [which I have no idea what is it called]..
Learnt a lot of things about nails.
My job is to answer the phone..Take down appoinment…
In charge of stock…and help out when the other collegues are busy…
Serve them drinks and give them magazine to read while waiting.
Get to know new people…my collegues : Jing Jing, Sasa, Esther, Chia Yih and Moon…
My boss..Mr.Chris…they speak mandarin and cantonese…while I speak ENGLISH!!!
God..a lil communication problem cause I can only speak a lil..not bad still…
Got a lot of things to remember though but I just gotta take it slow…otherwise, I’m BLANK!!!
Hope I didnt do any mistake…

6 thoughts on “Nails Hansen

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried their pedicure, it's terrible! The nail vanish was on my cuticle and it is not evenly coated… honestly if I have to do it myself I would have done a better job.


  2. Honey H._ says:

    as i remembered,they also have nail polishing per nail. they charge by how many nails you wanna polish.they won't charge you for 10 fingers if you wanna redo certain fingers only. but i'm not sure about now. i no longer work there for years.


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