Flashin’ Back

Have you ever sit there and starts to flash back the sweet and bad memories in your life??
Of course…we would like to flash back those memories that are sweet…right??

I love to recall all the sweet memories when I’m with my friends…It makes me smile..
But when I thought of my friends who are leaving…I felt so hurt..
That’s the moment where I knew, they are the people who filled up my life with happiness and fun!

Flashin’ back reminds me that they are people that I knew, people that I befriended with…and stuff that we did together…Every single sweet memories…silly stuff, serious stuff…

Maybe you can take flashin’ back memories as day dreaming…but it’s a fun thing to do right??…

I don’t know how to express this…but I really really love all my friends..no matter I’m close to them or not really close to them…I just love the way they are, with their silly characteristics…and people who love talking like me, just love to talk with my friends..
Maybe some of them finds it annoying but I don’t care! I just wanna have fun with my friends..
At least they remembered me!! right??

Just felt like expressing what I felt..cause I just flashed back my sweet memories and I wanna share my feelings with you guys…

Hope those who read this, will then starts to flash back their own sweet memories..and let it stay fresh forever!!!..

Lotsa love,


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