*simple life*

My life is kinda simple…and fun…
Life without my loony friends is meaningless and boring…
I wouldn’t say this in front of my friends..but I love my friends a lot..[really mean it]
No matter what they do..*bad / good*..
Big fights??
Not always, but once is more than enough!
[guess my school mates knew my biggest fight in school…right???]

However high school life is over….
Loving all the sweet memories [except for homeworks!!! and certain teachers…haha]
Form 5 life is the best..where all my lunatics friends sitting around me…
Especially my form 5 besties Jacalyn, Jie Yee, Melly and Jo…
Gosh, I couldn’t tell you how silly they are..

Jacky.. *my clumsy and blur friend*…
[she’ll sign her name in my book and my table everytime..and asked for help whenever she’s super tension and super busy…we sang in class everyday and don’t underestimate our voices…cause we are the TOILET singer [hehe].. I’m the flush, she’s the toilet bowl and Mel will be the toilet brush a.k.a back-up singer…she’ll burst out in tears whenever she’s super duper tension..and we practically laugh 24/7…that’s what make our life fun]

Jelly.. *blur yet complicated maths freak*
[If you don’t understand maths..don’t ask her..she’ll confuse you even more!!! Lolx..She’s blur…haha..and funny…She’s like YEOH JIE YEE in front of you but when there’s guys around..she’ll be the most quiet and most innocent girl on earth!…haha..d=)..Now she’s getting along…but sadly in college..she only have KALA..haha..and I missed those jokes and funny acts in class… “don’t cha wish ya mama is YEOH JIE YEE…”]

Jo.. *shorty Jo*
[Make sure her hand doesn’t end up on your neck…If she tries to choke you..she really will choke you!!..haha..small but DANGEROUS..and love bullying ppl…Love using people’s neck as a heater…She’s Mr.Ang’s 2nd wife?..or girlfriend..He loves Jo so much…haha..”SU RONG ar”….we used to skip school together remember..”SETANGKAI”..haha..d=)..we are the HONG family…Honey Hong, Jolyn Hong, Mary Hong and Jacky Hong]

Melly.. *smart girl in the class*
[Get a partner when you go out with her..cause most of the time..she’s surrounded with GUYS..and your eyes will just *BLOOM*…All of us are pretty tall to become a lamp post!..She’s got a lot of love songs.. Chinese and Malay songs..now back to Chinese songs..[wondering when will there be INDIAN songs…???..and last but not least, she’s one of the TOILET SINGERS]

Just wanna let you guys know that…although all of us are moving on with our own life now,
I’ll cherish every single moment whenever I’m with you guys..cause you guys are so important in my life…fillin’ my life with fun and happiness…plus a lil of sadness [but fun]…
Love you guys…and no matter what…no one could ever replace you guys in my life!!

*lurv. honey*


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