Liposuction…true story!!!

I read some magazine few days ago..and I came across an article.
About a lady that went through liposuction..
And guess what?? She lose her legs!

Here’s how the story goes.

She’s a lady who face diabetic problem. She doesnt like her body. The only thing she love the most is her thin;slim legs. And she often wears mini skirt to show them off.

So one day, she saw something about liposuction in the TV and she asked her husband whether should she do it. She wanted to do it and her husband said, why not? if it could make you healthier and look better.

So, they took out RM10 000+ for the surgery. Surgery done! When she woke up, she tried moving her body and she could felt something is going wrong in her body. She threw up a lot a lot of times. And the doc said “It’s normal. Every patients react different ways.” The doc said she can leave and go back home to get some rest.

She got home. And then, problems started coming. She threw up and had a high fever. She got so sick till her husband had to use the wheel chair to bring her to the hospital. And guess what the doc said? “This shows that you are recovering”..Her husband took a long “holiday from work” and took care of her.

One day, she became too sick and starts to have difficulty in breathing. So she went back to the hospital. The doc discover that her bowel has been punctured!..
She felt so miserable and sad that she had to use the bag for her waste. Instead of looking slim and being healthier, she had a bag attached to her body. And at times she felt so ashamed that her husband have to clean it off when the bag burst.
But her husband didnt complaint a single word and took care of her. They face really tight financial problem.

One day, she discoverd a black mark on her toes. She thought maybe because of the slippers she wore. But the black mark soon spreaded to her leg. And she went to the doc. And the doc said the blood doesnt circulate well and she doesnt get enough blood flows to her leg. So, eventually the doc had to cut off the damaged leg.

She cried when she heard about her leg’s gonna be cut off. But her husband said “it is either your life, or your leg”. So she have to live with one leg. And with her husband support, she manage to go on with her life. Her husband retired to take care of her.

After a year. She discovered another black mark on the other leg. She got so scared that the same thing is gonna happen again and went to see the doc. Her toes smelled like something that has already rotten. The doc said the same thing and she had to get the only leg of hers cut off too. She asked the doc to save her leg. But the doc said he couldnt do anything else.

She’s now amputated. And she couldnt face the fact that she’s gonna get rid of the other leg too. But she had no choice. And her husband has always been there to support her and love her. She’s using a wheel chair to move around now. When she looked back at her pictures where she still have her slim legs, she regretted that she undergo that surgery.

*how sad! but there’s one thing that i think that she’ll discover from this incident is that, her husband really love her to the max…

in conclusion, i think exercise is the best solution!! live in a healthy way!!

those who consider wanna do it, find out more about liposuction before doing it…ask for the doc’s advise FULLY before hand!


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