"Floury" Birthday…

Today’s my neighbour’s son’s birthday and he invited us to his birthday party..
Neighbours from my opposite houses were also invited.
We had fun talking while eating the food prepared for the guests.

Game time..
Kids ran around..Having great time of their own with the birthday boy..
We watched the kids played..

We had a game for us teenagers too..
We had to pick a card..and if we picked the card we’re not suppose to pick, we will have to choose between 2 bowls which contained WASABI and JAM. We have to dip the watermelon on either bowls that we chose and eat it.
Simple game as it is…me and my younger sis, started putting flour on one of our neighbours who played along because he laughed at us, as me and my younger sis have to eat the WASABI+WATERMELON while he got the bowl which contained JAM all the time.

Then everyone started playing with flour..even all the kids..
It’s been a while I didn’t play with flour…the last time was during camp i suppose..which was 2 years ago??

Overall, when I’m back at Balik Pulau, I can feel the spirit of neighbourhood…unlike here at the town area…
And I definitely had lotsa fun tonight!


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