Beach Party

It was Caline’s birthday..I got nothing much to say about it!..Overall it was fun!!.. Happy Birthday Caline!!!!
Kenneth a.k.a Kenne Yeof : ya pasta is simply delicious!!!
There’s a lot of ppl at the beach that day.. Coincidently, Chong Wee held his birthday party there too..
The beach is full of people that I know.. and Por Lin and her friends were there too…lolx..
So, three groups all together!…
There’s fun ppl…not to forget ANNOYING ppl…ma fellow gurlfriends would know who I’m talking about.. =P…*bet I’m not the only one who finds her annoying!..right people??*
We enjoyed the day…took a walk at the beach, taking pictures, playing with the waves, DISCOVERING JELLY FISH??? …*it turned out to be JELLY instead of JELLY FISH!..and our friend JELLY thought it was a DIAMOND???* haha…
We sneaked into the hotel to use the restroom and eventually I hurted my leg..thanks to Jac. Oh ya!!! and my MNG top!!!..turned out to be like a singlet…thanks to JACKO!!!..
There were too much to tell about that day…. simply memorable!!!..
We should do that again some time soon!!!..
Heart yall babes!! Miss you guys loadz!
*chickadicious me.honey*

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