Form 6 : 1st day at school

Form 6! [15/5/07]
4 days of orientation…and 1 WORD explains it all..[BORING!]
Fact that are undeniable!..

This year, my school..S-G-G-S [St. George’s Girls’ School], had students from UHS, TPH, AL-Mashoor, Padang Polo came in…

And of course, talkative person like me, just went hi and hi and hi everywhere although I have no idea who they are!..

First day of school, I went over to the Union’s group to talk to my friend. And eventually, they got scolding for talking to during the country’s song is played. And, one of my school teachers came and scolded us *which I didn’t talk*…[couldnt blame the newbie right?? 1st day at new school..]

Teacher to all of us : Kenapa kamu semua cakap masa nyanyi lagu negaraku? Cakap lagi kuat dari lagu. Kamu! Sekolah apa? Union?
Me!!! : Ya… *lolx..of course I cannot say that I’m from SGGS itself*

Then she continued scolding..of course I cabut!..lolx..and stand with my Georgians friends. Haha. *I fooled teacher on my 1st day of school*…

I made a lot a lot of new friends..from Union, Al-Mashoor and TPH…mostly Union.
*Shona [ma old tuition buddy].Nian Wah [Cotton a.k.a. Ruan Mian Mian].Huey Yen [Siao cha bo].Wei Qi [Chicken hair!].See Ling [siling]. Bee Theng. Celene. Xue Shuang [Shin Chan]. and more!!!* And I definitely gave them a whole new nickname…especially Nian Wah

Haha…love making friends!!

*chickadicous me.honey*


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