Teacher’s Day : Fun + Sad

Today is teacher’s day!!!..
Had to wake up early to school to set up table and prepare for the Lucky Draw…

Bottom line, today was a very fun day and a sad day indeed….

It’s sad to say that most of my Union friends is transferring to other school…30/50 person that entered my school is leaving…*sigh*..
[they might be accepted by other school OR continue staying at my school *haha..hopin’ for that*]

Anyhow, I wish them lots and lots of luck for their future undertakings..and do REMEMBER ME!!!!!!…I wish all of em’ could stay [and see my face…haha =)]…

*Dalam hidup kita, ada pertemuan dan perpisahan*
And I believe that all of us met and befriended each other for a reason.
In life, there’s a time where you will come across sad moments.
There’s nothing we can do about it but to cherish the sweet moments that all of us spent together at school…and

I learnt to understand different lifestyles. Getting to know new stuff about life. Meeting new people with different characteristics. New conversation. A brand new start. Brand new beginning.

So, I will see you guys around soon *either back at school or somewhere out there*
Will be missing you guys! and MISS MEEE TOOOOO!!!!! muakx. heart yall!

Much Lurv.
*chickadicious me.honey*


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