Currently, I’m so into dramas…
Hana Kimi and It Started With A Kiss [finished watching it]

Im looking forward to watch :

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe 2
It Started With A Kiss 2
Romantic Princess

So far only 3…couldnt watch many movies..have to study!!!

Schools are fun. Discussion with friends are fun. Being mad and being tension yet being happy together in class. What is so tensioning about, is that, some of the teachers in school didn’t even know how to teach. Taught us just a 1/4 of the chapter and asked us to do the whole stucture questions and essays. [HOW DA HELL AM I GOING TO FINISH IT!!??]…and..my Physics teacher finished up a sub-topic in just 15 minutes and expected us to finish up the exercise she gave us. [well, easy for those who learnt from tuition but hard for ppl like me who haven’t start my tuition]….Now I took tuition, as I couldnt take earlier as I had my grade 8 piano exam. Now I can fully concentrate!

Form 6 – no life!



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