bottom line…trust yourself!

These days, I came across people who has different attitude.
Of course, different people, different personality, different attitude.
Some good some bad. From good to bad, from bad to good.

At times, I don’t POWER so important??..
And they definitly didn’t realise, it’s driving people around them annoyed.
Deep down inside, I know I tried to make things up to them, but every human has their own boundaries.

Today I came across a conversation that made me realise, who can we actually trust in our life?
Everyone make mistakes that they regretted in life. And I realise, people around me might just be the next person who is going to betray you, no matter how close they are.
I was once betrayed by someone who I trusted and, eventually…I’m still friends with her.
Yes. The past is the past. I totally over it until today..when someone brought the issue up.
Then I realise, that beneath somewhere, I’m still in doubt… “should I trust the person in everything or should I not?”

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I made a new vision.

I shall just :
*study hard
*telling all my problems and unsatisfaction to my precious blog!
*reduce all my bad sides, and try to be better in life
*enjoy my life

Bottom line, I’m just gonna trust myself and my blog!


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