Poeple’s true colours is proven by time.
As time pass, I discovered the true colours of people around me.

In this entry, I’m talking about fishmongers!
You know what fishmongers do? They sell fish…

In this entry, I’m stressing about ‘selfish‘-ness of a person.
At times, when we are trying to be nice, they expect more from us.
Which at times, it is TOO MUCH!..
Thinking of only themselves and not being appreciative of what we offered to them.

Instead of expressing his/her appreciation, he/she expressed his/her ungratefulness. It’s proven that he/she never appreciate whatever I’ve done yet expect more from me.

Well, guess what? I have borders of my own. Bottom line, you are my nobody. So why should I treat a “fishmonger” like you nicely?..


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