Chem Terms

My school teachers are definitely driving all of us crazy!!!!

My maths teacher continues to teach and give us homeworks when we are already stucked!!
Same goes to my chemistry teacher!..
Well no progress on Physics as you can even use your 5 fingers to count how many times she enters the class…

Anyhow, talking about Chem terms..we gave ourself a chem term.

My friends call me Van Der Waals. My chem teacher told us that mechanical pencil’s refill has weak Van Der Waals bond. And whenever I search for my pencil or my refill, I’ll go like “WHERE’S MY VAN DER WAALS??”… that’s why they call me Van Der Waals.

As for my class mate Sue Voon, I call her Vanadium…As she pronounce it in a funny tune which goes like VA-NA-DIUM.
So, we call her VANADIUM VOON.

We have funny funny names that just pop out from our heads…

vanadium in i-block
van der waals in i-block

not to forget we have d-block too..hahaha…
periodic table!!! lolx…

More funny names coming up soon!…


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