Jokes of Misunderstandings

Here’s a dialogue of what happened at school.
Hearing problems of my friends and I cause’ a lot of misunderstandings, and sometimes, we mention stuff wrongly too.

Situation : After recess.
Student A : Eee..My breath smells like Keropok Lekor!
Student B : Hurh? Your breast smells like Keropok Lekor?

Situation : On the way, back to classroom.
Student A telling Student B, C & D : Today, I’m so unlucky! My bike wouldn’t start today.
Student B : Then..then…
Student A : I got no choice I have to ask my fish to fetch me to school today.
[Student A, B, C & D couldn’t stop laughing!]
Student A : I mean, I have to ask my sis to fetch me to school today.
Student B : Wow, your fish can drive?
Student D : How does your fish breathe?
Student B : Imagine Student A sitting on the passenger seat and suddenly you see a tiny fish sitting at the driver seat driving.
Student C : Hahaha.

Situation : Student B reading a storybook.
Student B : …I suck in my own breath..
Student A : You suck your own breast?

There goes…everyone starts laughing…

Situation : Student B is obsess with Tuna Sandwich from Batu Maung.
Student A : Now my breath smells like Tuna.
Student D : Your breast now smells like Tuna.
Student B : From Keropok Lekor evolve to Tuna..why all are FISH?… Even your fish fetch you to school..

Situation : Student B wants to go to the toilet
Student A : I wish to go to pee.
Student B : You WISH to go to pee?..WISH?..Your wish is not granted.
Student C : Your wish is my command! Shh…..
Student A : I want to go to pee!…Can you guys don’t be so dramatic?

There’s more..I couldn’t think of it now.
Will write more of it soon.


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