Passed my piano Grd 8 Practical Exam!

Associated Board Of The Royal Schools Of Music [ABRSM]

I passed my Grade 8 Piano Practical Exam!
I’m so happy. I might not be as great as those who got a distinction for the exam. But I’m still happy that I got to this stage. After failing twice! Blame it on me that the 1st time, I was totally sucked during the 1st attempt. I skipped from Grade 6 – 8. 2nd time, was close to pass, however, the examiner failed me. Good thing for me that I passed this time.

Comments from the examiner
Piece A1 : [23/30]
There was some interesting & adventurous shaping in this quite lively account. Unevenness in touch was unsettling as there were a few blemishes & hesitations but you sustained the L.H notes bravely, even though some were wrong!

Piece B1 : [26/30]
Further evidence of musical awareness and of hardwork was seen here. Although the playing was not always tight, crisp, even or authoritative, it showed a good knowledge of the piece and its details. Think big!

Piece C4 : [26/30]
Some sensitivity created sadness though it was never of epic proportions as it all felt a little pale. Best was the lovely E major section though the climax was quite compelling it a little reserved.

Scales & Arpeggios : [17/21]
Uneven and not always clear but with good knowledge of shape. A firmer touch would add authority and brighter tempo sparkle. Actual slips were infrequent.

Sight Reading : [16/21]
Under tempo if quite shapely. L.H was not always accurate and it needed to be bolder in style & character.

Aural Test : [9/18]
A1 had potential but was not quite there. Rather inaccurate elsewhere and with the 20th Century missed in D.

Additional Comments :
Well done on a significant success! A modest candidate with much ability. What a difference that extra bit of authority would make!

Total Marks : 117/150
Passing Marks : 100
to Pass with Merit : 120
to Pass with Distinction : 130


5 thoughts on “Passed my piano Grd 8 Practical Exam!

  1. Yoana says:

    hey Im not whos running what here, but i love super juniors they so cooland sungmin is soo adorable ^_^i like his song that he played on Star King and i want to least the keyboard version of it.. if anyone knows it please post it to me on my email and I would be very thankfull!!! :)))thank you soo much x x x


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