No Affinity With No Skill Backstabber!

This entry was written when I’m at the stage 125 degree Celcius! and it is dedicated to some backstabbers out there!

How sad is it to be backstabbed? It was the second time I’ve been backstabbed by people that I trust. First time was sad, but I wasn’t mad. Cause’ I know that I’m at the wrong.
But this time, im totally totally MAD!..for some wrong facts.

However, the mad part is, some backstabber lovvvvvvvvvvves to drama!
[Like the Hallmark Channel motto “In every life, there’s drama…”
Or should I say, most of the time, they DRAMA!
Watch too much Hallmark Channel eh?

Well, let me tell you one fact that you didn’t know!
I’m not as dumb as you thought I am…I know your “nim”.
And I never knew that I’m such a HUGE threat to you! *how funny*

Don’t go b****ing about me to others and hallmark-ing in front of me.
No point doing so, cause’..who cares anyway??
If you were to do so, I suggest that you brush up with your backstabbing skills..
Right now, a mirror should be pretty handy, if you try looking at yourself at it first.

And I…I shall remain in my “GROUND” state. [So chemistry!]


6 thoughts on “No Affinity With No Skill Backstabber!

  1. sue says:

    haihz… down okkk….wats most important is we all know whos wrong and whos right k…its either we confront ….or jz leave it d… down kk…


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