4some – study group


Consists of Honey.Sue.Mello.Mei

4some is our group’s name.
Study group venue : my house
Time : 9am

We went to the market to have our breakfast.
And guess what Mei bought from the market???

After taking several pictures..my phone went mad.
And we thought..something might be wrong with the mask! SPOOKY!!
Of course, it turned out that we think too much… =)

After studying….
We kinda got bored after hours of looking at papers.
One thing in common in 4some, is that all of us play the piano.
Check out our musical hands!

We took some videos..but I bet NONE of us want it to be posted up. *lolx*
We had some guitar session too.. =)
And Sue certainly improved in her piano skills. She could play “wen pie”..woohoot!!! applause!!!

After lunch..we continued to study..

then we enjoyed watching Hana Kimi…

*lose count on how many times I watch the drama* – looking forward for Part II – 2008

I managed to convince them to like Wu Zun. *he’s extremely HOT*

I’m proud to say, I managed to influence some of my classmates to be in love with DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!…practically, that’s what we talk about everyday!.. =) *winkx*


5 thoughts on “4some – study group

  1. voony says:

    haha honey after exam got time oni we do our scrabook ok…wil print all ours picss…btw after exam seriously wana go exerciese twice a week d la…if not alot BAk IU growing hahahahsee ya in school!


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