Unexpected visit from Thailand..

Today, I made new friends from Thailand.
It was the Student Council first meeting, and out of sudden, we were told that we are going to have visitors from Thailand.

They arrived, and we chatted with a group of Thailand students and exchanged information.
Most of them are 14 years old.

We chatted in groups. And I got to know…
*Ohm [Ohm’s Law]…

Pao and Boss gave Melissa and I…a math question.
BA + [Na]² = ??
And Chumcha, thanks for the 2 Baht. [Mel got 1 baht]… You could also give me all your money..since you love to take it out from your wallet! =) …just joking.

And I got to know DONG BANG SHIN KI fans!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!! That’s the exciting part…
They were sitting on the table beside us.
And Far was asking me “You like Dong Bang Shin Ki?”
From far and definitely silently, as our teacher is talking in front…
And of course I was like…“Yea!!!!!!”
Far and friends, wrote their emails on a piece of paper and who they love in DBSK…
I was like… I like U-Know!!!!!!”
And they’re going for the upcoming DBSK concert in Bangkok and it’s on Xiah’s birthday!
*advance birthday wish for ya…saengil chukahae Xiah oppa!!!

I wanna go for their upcoming concert in KL…
[DBSK ‘O’ Jung. Ban. Hub Concert in KL on Nov 24. Ticket price : RM100, RM180, RM280, RM380 & RM450]

[see…Dong Bang Shin Ki got fans from all over the place…I love the feeling of being in the Dong Bang Shin Ki Zone..gosh..imagine..everyone sharing the same interest..amazing!]

I got to know,
*Far [Love JaeJoong].
*Palm [Love.Micky].
*Fah [Love. Chang Min].
*Zen [Love.U-Know].
*Eve [Love. Micky].

Towards the end, Mel and I brought them around the school.
And I got to know…


Some of them told me, that the group of DBSK fans could dance pretty well, and I requested Far to dance Rising Sun.. [gosh..]..and she did!!!
See how Dong Bang Shin Ki played an important role in their fans’ life. in my life!

They’re definitely nice…Communication wouldn’t be a problem. They speak good English too.
You guys rock! Do visit us again on the next trip to Penang!
Dong Bang Shin Ki rulez!!!


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