Cameron Highland Trip [5/11 – 6/11]


Man, you couldn’t imagine how much my classmates and I looked forward for this trip!..
It is schooling day, and it is such a pleasure to skip school! [bet every student feel the same way]. Well, its Monday, and we reached school like usual. We left school at around 8.30 am.

Gosh, we were so excited! After a few stops, we reached Green View Garden, where we stopped to have lunch. The water is way way cooler compared to Penang of course! And the breeze is so fresh and CLEAN!!! We ate a lot of Strawberry Ice Stick..[is that what they call them?? ] and it cost only RM1 ..the strawberries taste so delicious. Melanie totally addicted to it! I ate 3 and she ate 5!!


After lunch, we went to the Bee Farm.

me.mel & bee mama!

We proceeded to Raju’s Hill Strawberry Park. We had our sweet time eating the strawberry waffle. …going up!

Next, we went to Brinchang, our last destination of the day. We couldn’t stop eating as there were so many irresistible delicious food. [Pearl Corn, Deep-fried Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes, Strawberries, Dried strawberries] And it is kinda cheap too!.. Thinking from the bright side, we are eating VEGETABLES…fat factor shall be considered later on. FOOD COMES FIRST!! =)

We checked in to our apartment. Finally!!! The best place to be in after a long journey. The visit to Brinchang Night Market had to be cancelled as it is quite dangerous for us to travel at night, due to the rain. It was such a waste that we couldn’t enjoy the night view and the cool breeze. Anyway, we enjoyed eating!!!

Well, a few of us had to help the teacher to check on the students. And I happened to be one of them. We went around, scaring people with our tricks. We told them, that they had to change apartment, spot-check and more. =) It was actually pretty fun. The most interesting part is, we scared one of the junior groups.

Well, they were telling ghost stories, and we on the other hand, went banging on their doors. And they screamed like hell.. [what else do you think?], we seniors hided at the side, and one of the juniors opened the door and said “YOU BETTER COME OUT NOW! I’M GONNA OPEN THE DOOR NOW!!” [by heart, we seniors knew, they totally freaked out!] and Melissa came out with an idea, that we should bang at the windows as well. Haha. What do you think??

Well, we banged on the windows. Of course, the juniors screamed. Enough of having fun, we went to the door, and told them “OKAY..WE ARE NOT PLAYING ANYMORE. OPEN THE DOOR”. The girl opened the door slowly and saw me wearing ALL BLACK …and she screamed. She thought I’m a burglar or something. So, after explaining everything what the teacher asked us to tell them, we went back to our apartment. Man, it was tiring!!!


After breakfast, we had to meet up with the teachers and the rest of the students, to proceed to our next destination which was MARDI. We took some photos before we left. The view was simply amazing and beautiful.

sue & i

We arrived at MARDI. The English Garden was so beautiful..and you couldn’t resist the alluring flowers. We took some pictures there. Actually…quite a lot..

Next, we went to FOA Cameron Garden Centre. There’s souvenir shop. There’s also cactus and flowers for sale.

me.mello ….heeeyah!!!!

We had lunch at Brinchang town. Before stopping at Brinchang again. Next, we went to Cameron Highland’s Multicrops Central Market. The flowers are beautiful.

We had fun snapping pictures. We proceeded to Rose Garden. We had to pay RM4 for entrance fee. We were pretty broke. So, we only enjoyed the scenery outside.

Our last destination before proceeding back to Penang was Cameron Valley Tea Shop. It rained when we were hiking up halfway, at the place where they planted tea leaves. We enjoyed the rain though.

We had lots of fun. We reached school at 8.30pm. What a journey!


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