Sisters 4 [My Ghost Story]

Yesterday I had a dream.. I couldn’t say horror, cause’ it ain’t that scary.

Here goes..

My friends (school mates, ex-school mates, and others) and I, were having around Penang I guess..

We were enjoying our food. Then, suddenly, one of my friends, Win Son to be exact, walked away. And I followed him. Somehow, we just end up at a hospital. Win Son was looking at the hospital with much enthusiasm. I was like..”Since when he’s so interested to be a doctor”

Then, he walked in. He didn’t talk much though. As if, he’s in a dilemma. I followed him in. As we walked along the corridor, we saw a little boy, bald with greyish skin, sitting on a wheel chair, with his head down. The boy didn’t talk.

Win Son, gave him a hand, pushing him around on his wheel chair. The boy didn’t talk. He pointed around, to tell us which direction he wanted to go. After a while, Win Son suddenly stopped. I was wondering why. Win Son, didn’t talk much as well.

So, I took over. I pushed the kid near the window, just like what he wanted. Next, he pointed to the elevator. Before I got into the elevator, I saw the word saying “Tempat Penatapan Mayat”.. which I’m sure, there’s no such place..Iit should be, “Tempat Penyimpanan Mayat”..but somehow,…it is stated as “penatapan” in my dream.

I pushed the kid in. Then, I asked Win Son to get in. I kept on pushing the open button from inside, as the door kept on closing. At first Win Son didn’t say a word. He just stood there, looking at me, standing inside the elevator.

Then, Win Son suddenly screamed, “DON’T GO IN!!!, DON’T GO IN!!!”… And I asked Win Son why..while I pulled the wheel chair out, without looking behind as the wheel chair is behind me. I got out from the elevator, holding the handle of the wheel chair behind me. And I realise, there’s no one sitting on the wheel chair!!!!!!

This entry entitled “Sisters 4” because the word “Sisters 4” just appeared, like some movie has just ended.

And I myself, wondered whether Win Son knew about it when he stopped pushing the kid.


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