Pre-iRock 2008

Last day of preparation for iRock SGGS Gathering 2008. Woohoot!!!…

Well, a few of us stayed back until 8.30pm. It was dark, and we girls were all alone in the hall.
Creepy. It got even creepier when I was telling Cyn Yee, Eu Kim and Jewel about the Thai horror movie, “Shutter” when we were preparing the entrance for the gathering. We were sticking mirrors on the board, to make it look like Mirror Maze and it was pretty dark as it was already night, and we covered half of the top with black cloth. Lolx.

Cher Yin almost cried, cause’ she’s terrified.
Eu Kim and Jewel asked us whether we wanna overnight at school.
I bet all of us had 2nd thought. [I certainly don’t wanna see anyone extra…you know…]

We decorated the hall with guitars, drum…etc. etc.
It gets spookier and funnier when we wanna lock the hall. We had to off the lights.
Cyn Yee ran out straight after she turned off the last light.

Some of the switches are at the music room, which is at the balcony in the hall. Jewel’s mum, led us upstairs…as all of us….you know…SCARED to Death. Anyway, Por Lin and I are the seniors. So, we too went upstairs with the mum to turn off the switch. Of course, I used my car and Jewel’s mum used her car as torch lights.

I definitely don’t want Cher Yin to go up with us, I freaked out everytime she screamed.
So the 3 of us went up, and deep down inside, Por Lin hesitated to put her hand in to turn off the switch. [Watch too much horror movies eh?]

I walked away after Por Lin turned off the switch, but Jewel’s mum pulled me and asked me to wait. Gosh, she freaked me out. I thought she saw something.
And guess what she said?
“Lets scream!!! Lets scare the girls… =) “.

Por Lin and I was like…”auntie, you are scaring me!”…
The plan was supposed to be cancelled, but somehow, on the way down..Jewel’s mum started to scream!!!..
The two of us just “go with the flow!”

We left soon after. Or should I say, IMMEDIATELY after.
Even though, it was spooky, but we had fun.


2 thoughts on “Pre-iRock 2008

  1. Anonymous says:

    p here! we did had a ‘great’ fun ya…think back, is not that scary though…jewel’s mum! wow, i really can’t imagine that! she is good in acting and she really scares me…hahahaha! i didn’t know cher-yin so scared about this kinda thing…i think i need to go to your house and overnight…we have a lot to talk about…muahahahaha! see ya! =P


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