SGGS Gathering iRock 2008

The Big Day finally arrived.
Por Lin stayed over at my house the night before and we had a “gossip session” in the dark.
Anyway, we reached school in 13 minutes.
We left at 5.45 am and we reached school at 6.58 am.
How I wish the traffic was as clear as it is every day!
Well, we did our last touch up. The decorations, the entrance..bla bla bla.
We had scouts and guides from CLHS, CGL, Westland, BJ, PFS, SXI and of course SGGS.
We performed our opening dance.
Videos are for event purposes only. Copyrights for songs are reserved by the respective companies.

SuJu’s U dance steps, i took from the SuJu U Dance Practice itself. So i didn’t choreograph much.

Dance choreographer : Honey
[SuJu’s U] Formation coordinator : Por Lin
cers :
*Ming Ming
*Kah Yi
*Xue Shuang
*Cyn Yee
*Lin Wey
*Chia Ling
*Kah Lay
*Cher Yin
*Wei Ern
*Eu Kim
All 19 were in the “Low” Dance and only 13 were in the SuJu “U” dance. [including Por Lin & I]
We practiced at least 3 weeks before the gathering. Most of them doesn’t know how to dance, until i got them into it. And I’m really proud to say, that they’re good! I’m so proud of you guys.
I wanted to teach them the whole song, but sad to say that we got no time.
[What’s the point of learning the whole song, when we couldn’t perform in syncronizely in such a short period of time, right? ]
So I edited the songs and I put in beats from Rain’s I’m Coming.
We practiced and practiced and we perform pretty well on Gathering day.
Mello, Melly, Shirley and I, were the MCs, and guess what, my voice sounded like duck now.
As usual, after all the shouting and screaming to make everyone in the mood, I’ll always ended up losing my voice.
Well, the form 6 are in charge of dance and fashion show.
I’m so so so proud of all the fashion models, and of course the helpers too.
They are all so committed and creative.
I gave them basic ideas and they just WALLA!!!…they cat-walking just got more interesting day by day.
Fashion Models :

*Xue Shuang & Ming Ming
*Soo Khim & Lay Ling
*Mei Pheng & Yun Ni
*Amy & Hooi Lin

Even though, we had some problem searching for proper rock-gothic type of attire 2 days before the gathering, everyone worked really hard. What’s the word….Teamwork!!!

On that day, they surprised everyone in that hall. The minute they stepped out…I couldn’t describe how proud I am!!! I’m really proud of them.
One of the CGL girl even asked me to send her the photo of all the models.
She told me that she love it so much!…I LOVE IT SO MUCH TOO!!!
Oh I almost forgot, haha. We had dance performance from each school, and guess what CLHS used for their dance. Remix from DBSK’s O Jung.Ban.Hub [only a little]…and RISING SUN!!!!
I’m so happy. [=)] Happy for DBSK and SuJu. They managed to spread their passion and heart-touching voices to Malaysia.
Anyway, I felt like jumping in and dance along, but I can’t. It wasn’t my show.
The dance is almost the same like the dance in Rising Sun.
We had “SuJu’s U” from CGL too. And “Low” from other school as well.
And I’m proud to say that, our performance is the most outstanding, and of course, the Fashion Show too. [don’t look down on the form sixes!]

Even though, it was a busy and tiring day, we had fun.


2 thoughts on “SGGS Gathering iRock 2008

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love our dance and fashion show too…yes, do not look down on the form sixes…we can do it! and we are the best! wooohhhhh! i’m gonna miss our dance and fashion show so so so much! let’s continue with suju-m U…is gonna b fun…irock!!!~por lin~


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