Pre-SGGS Musical Drama

Tomorrow’s the BIG DAY! ..[this line sounds so familiar…]
But this time, it is definitely not the Rangers. It is the Student Council.

Our school’s Student Council had organized a Musical Drama entitled “HOPE

Venue : Dewan Sri Pinang
Date & Time :
*18/4/08 [8.00pm – 10.00pm]
*20/4/08 [3.00pm – 5.00pm]

Ticket pricing :
*RM10 [children <12]
*RM20 [students]
*RM30 [adults]

Anyway, we had our practiced today, and things went a bit chaotic as the casts first practiced with their microphones and these mics certainly cause difficulty to change their outfit.
Though, practice makes perfect!
We’re gonna practice even more.

Our hero and heroine are Oliver and Rachel. Woohoot!!!
All of them are really good in singing. So don’t miss out this opportunity to see them act and sing!


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