Hope. a musical drama

faith is the substance of things hoped for. the evidence of things unseen.

Hope is a story where two indivituals gave each other faith, love and most importantly hope to endure their completely different yet complicated lives. Set in our modern, 21st century Malaysian background, two teenagers, Zachary [Oliver] and Mei Hwa [Rachel] are 2 typical Malaysian teenagers. Zach comes from a rich, comfortable and pampered home, where his father, a strict, rather irrational yet loving man Datuk Zulkarnain, is a well-know corporate leader while his mother is a supportive, loving homemaker who happens to be a Eurasian. Although his life may seem like a perfect story to the naked eye, inside him…Zach still feels empty.

Mei Hwa comes from an average family where her mother died a few years ago. Her relationship with her father goes into a downfall when he refuses to listen to anything Mei has to say. He loves his daughter but he thinks that she is too immature to decide what she wants. Nevertheless, he struggles his best by doing what he thinks is right for his only child.
As the story unfolds, we can see how these two teenagers are constantly battling with their lives. When their fathers tried to take away their only source of comfort by forbidding them to see each other, both Mei and Zach protested but what happens after that?
This story shows that there is still a bit of racism in all of us even though we live in what seems to be perfect a harmonious multiracial country. We may not realise it, but in everyday life, we tend to be a little biased when it comes to a different race. The things we say, the way we act and even the way we think sometimes shows the hidden racism in us…

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