Jo’s Farewell

It was a great all-girls outing..
Another person to leave Penang! Sob..
Jo’s leaving to Kampar. How sad.
We went to Seoul Garden for dinner.
The food were delicious. Needless to say that we ate like barbarians.
Bloated like a big balloon filled with helium gas.

Of course, cam-whoring moment was definitely in the agenda of the day.
Here are a few pics that we took.



After that, we had Lavender Tea & Peach Tea at Winter Warmers.
We updated each other with recent gossips and stories..
[That is a must in an all-girls outing!]

We left Gurney Plaza at 12.00am.

Well, Jo…take care of yaself there.
Keep in touch. Will miss ya babe!
oh oh…CORRECTION! – shorty!… =p
[I know if you read this, the next word coming out from your mouth is “si honey”]

F.R.I.E.N.D.S forever.


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