dont know why…

It has been a very very hectic week.
I spent my time driving in the morning to buy stuff for CLHS gathering
[which is on this coming tuesday]..
Stressful indeed.
Meetings in the afternoon.
Dance practices, paintings etc. etc.
When I got back in the evening, I’m already half-dead.
Just the thought of attending meetings and doing homeworks,
I just felt so tired!
I just wanna go to bed and SLEEP!
Though, I know
Escaping is not the best way to solve a problem.
I just have to deal with it with my sexy sleepy panda eyes.
Ignore me. I have no idea what I am typing.
Life is so stressful that I actually listen to Norah Jone’s Don’t Know Why.
Some soothing music should do some magic,
to make me relax!

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