CLHS Gathering & Campfire 2008

It has been a really exhausting week.
I spent my day in the school for the entire week.
We had exam before the BIG day, which is why we were left with only 1 week + 1 day for preparation.
It was a total rush!

My fellow form sixers and juniors helped out in the preparation. The wavers, banners, lighting, etc. etc. I can’t deny that a few of the form sixers were really creative especially when it comes to fashion show. Some of them choreographed the Traditional Dance.

As for me, I had to choreograph modern dance in a week time. I had exactly 4 to 5 days to teach my fellow dancers to teach them the dance steps, and I only managed to teach them the entire dance moves on Sunday. I also planned the field decoration.

There were also Banner Competition and Scarf Competition, games and more.

The BIG day finally arrived! It was yesterday.

Back in 2006, I didn’t get to handle CLHS gathering because our school didn’t allow us to go. I was the Unit Leader back then. I had the opportunity to lead the rangers in CLHS Gathering this year, as I am the President.

It wasn’t that easy. As I have to make sure everything goes well.

We arrived at 7 a.m. Basically in the morning, audition for competitions took place. We started off with Modern Dance…And guess what, I forgot my dance move. But just for that particular beat.

Next, the Singing Audition. Ming Ming and I sang Wu Ding by Jay Chou & Landy Wen. I sang Jay’s part as I had a lower tone. I couldn’t help practising over and over again as I didn’t know how to read Mandarin. I had to memorise the HanYu Pinyin. In the end I lose my voice today.

My Mandarin pronunciation has slightly some English slang. I learnt Mandarin before back in Primary School. Guess what, back then, I read everything using HanYu Pinyin also. Haha!

Next! The Traditional Dance. I was confident that they will pass the audition because we are the only school that performed according to theme. Nevertheless, we managed to get 1st for Traditional Dance. Woohoot!

I was already half dead when its noon. I was really exhausted. I almost gave up! But, I had to stay fresh the whole day to set up the field decoration and cheer. Every schools’ field decorations were wrecked by the strong winds. It was predictable that it will rain. And indeed, it rained.

The main agenda started in the evening. Our school managed to enter all 3 competitions, which was the Singing Competition, Modern Dance and Traditional Dance. We were the 2nd group to perform that evening; the Modern Dance. We managed to get 1st runner up. There were performances from other schools and free dance. I have to admit, the competitors are pretty tough, especially Convent Dato’ Keramat.

It rained when throughout the night. Our 2nd performance was the singing. The song suits the weather well, as Wu Ding means Rooftop. We performed on stage under the rain. We were soaking wet. And guess what, we managed to become the Champion for the Singing Competition! It surprised me.

All the results were announced at the end of the day. It was around 11.00pm +. I’m really proud to say that we also swept off the Overall Champion Trophy!

I would like to thank the Georgians for all the things that they’ve done, and of course, the Chung Ling scouts too! Special thanks to Por Lin, for helping me out a lot. Thanks guys for this awesome experience!


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