@ Beaches…

Finally! The day that all of us long waited.
It has been years since the last time we went “korek siput“..
Here are some pics taken yesterday..
I caught the biggest one!!! Haha..and I managed to catch a fish too! Look carefully at the picture..

Over excited! [My aunt and my lunatic sisters]

The uncle who caught the fishes, gave all the fishes to us. Yay! Free fresh fishes!

what else? cam whoring moments of course! even though we’re soakin’ wet!

There are more funny and humiliating photos taken..
But of course, I definitely won’t post it up here.
The sea is much cleaner at Sg Batu’s Beach compared to Gertak Sanggul’s Beach.
I hope more rubbish bins will be allocated at the beaches,
and of course, public facilities!

Well, humans…lets try to make the world a better place.
Try to keep the land as well as the sea clean!


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