depression = shopping

This could probably be my last entry for now, till my trial exam is over.
As we all know, we all came to depression before examination.
I went for a movie..”Sex & The City” to drain away my depression.
The movie is awesome! You just have the drive to shop after the movie finished.
For those who haven’t watch it, especially GIRLS..remember to check it out.
I bought myself a new sport shoe.
Well, of course. I ain’t that rich.
Plan before you shop!
Otherwise, you will spend on stuff that you don’t actually need.
I bought it cause I need one. I threw away my old one, which it could no longer be used.
And my sisters bought me a purse full of snoopy for me as my advance birthday present!
Depression makes me feel like spending. Damn!
Though, I didn’t spend much..which is a good thing.
Till then, wish me luck ppl. =)


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