Girls’ night out at Ji An’s

Clockwise : Amy. Melissa. Jelly. Jacky.Su Qing. Evonne. Jo. I.

It was a farewell party for Ji An, as she’s leaving to Iowa, pursuing her studies, biotech.
Felt like we’re back to the old days.
The faces we all see back in SGGS, especially year 2006.
[except that Melissa and I are still at SGGS]
Needless to say, we were LOUD that we could almost bring the house down.
We chatted for hours. Having fun till midnight.
As usual, the Joker of the day would be Jie Yee, the “back-lane” engineer.
Sadly, Jac couldn’t join us, otherwise, she and Jie Yee will spice things up.
Oh ya. And my so called “tou-tai” Amy forced me to teach her how to play Canon In D.
Apparently, I thought her for hours.

Ji-An. Take care aight?
You could always reach me at my blog.
We’re only a click away!
I will hop to your blog whenever I’m free. Muakx!

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