It’s Friday..

Just like usual. Breakfast at the hotel -morning walk at the beach – swimming.
We had lunch at Sushi King, Queensbay Mall.
Unfortunately, it rained. We thought it was cancelled when we arrived at Yesterday Club.
Nevertheless, the game went on. We had fun.

I shot my aunt and my cousin Jon on the butt. Amy shot Judy at the butt. Jon and I both got shot at our left collar bone. Amy got shot on the thigh. Nicky got shot at the back. My aunt got shot the most. My uncle purposely shot the Marshall. Lolx.
Well, bottom line, all of us got shot.

After cleaning ourselves up back at the hotel, we went for dinner.
We chatted about the game throughout the dinner.

Back at the hotel. I was in the hotel room with my cousins with the door closed.
When the door’s opened, it was dark at the living room.
And they suddenly started singing Happy Birthday song.

First thing that popped out in my mind was “Who’s birthday are u guys celebrating? Mine / Jon’s?”
Eventually, it was for me. I was speechless. I certainly didn’t know what to say.

Thanks guys! I’m touched.
Then, we went for a walk at the beach.

Look at what Kei’s doing…

Glow buddies. Cousins for life.

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