Who Am I?

Who am I?
Who am I to ask for happiness?
Who am I to feel the love?

Call me sensitive, Call me emotional.
I’m just somebody who has always been negatively rated.
It suck most when people close to you,
Judge you the same way.
The look at their faces,
The stare at their eyes,
Explains everything,
What exactly they have in mind..

I don’t know whether I should be happy,
Over things I’ve said and done.
Is it a crime to feel happy?
Is it a crime to feel wanted?
and Is it a crime to be loved?

I feel like I’m just a toy to play with,
They will only be there when they need me.
Other than that, Who am I?

Beneath this smiling face,
There’s an empty soul in limbo,
A girl who lives in the world of her own,
Keeping everything to herself,
Nobody but herself..
There’s no one to share,
No one to listen to all these childish grumble,
Cause, again…Who am I?


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