Bones. The Exceptional

I had so much fun today..with Jackie!!!!…

Heart her for life.
We played pool for hours and we voiced out our depression and every other things..
Well you know…GIRLS
We cursed. We laughed. We gossiped. We updated each other..bla bla bla…
It was my first “all-time-cursing” pool game with Jac…
I played with her once though, but I never curse that much.
However, people around us cursed like mad too..even worse than us in fact.

After that…

We watched “The Other Boleyn Girl” and the movie was awesome.
It is a must-watch movie. And some old lady..forgot where she misplaced the movie ticket.
We were fortunate that the person in charge, was kind enough to let us in.
But we found it at last. That’s Jacky. Clumsy yet SOPHISTICATED. =)
We went for dinner at Pasta Mania.
Some girl here took healthy food. Pasta with chili, garlic and olive oil!.. and here’s the proof. Can you believe it??

We talked about the old days when Jac used to ditch me in the class.
Haha..We were both busy ladies. And when either of us went crazy or something…
We would cheer each other up.
After dinner..we went back for pool.. Got addicted to it..
And..lolx..I won 5/7 games overall…=)
Well..I had my “sia-sui” moments before I got warmed up…

Then I sent Jac back home safely. We sang in the car..
We haven’t done that for quite some time..I missed it..!! A lot!!
I have to admit that our duet became a lil ain’t that bad..right Jac??
We’ve been quoting in the car..choosing songs..and sing.

Quotes of the day :
Quote 1 :
“…just because they FAIL to grow taller…” by me.

Jac asked me this question :
What happen if you end up with someone which is not The One? and the scariest part is not ending up with The One..
My answer was :
Quote 2 :
It’s so hard to even find not the one, how do I even find the one.

[and Jac…you love the answer]
Pn Ling and Jac said, that if they were a guy..they would date me…HAHA =)
And Jac..I would date you too if I were a guy.
I couldn’t date Pn Ling as she already has Mr. Ooi. =)

We talked pretty much the whole day.
Heart you lotsie Jac. We shall do this again someday..after exam.

Love ya babe!
And we’re both


3 thoughts on “Bones. The Exceptional

  1. Jacky says:

    hey hey you you!!! haha had a blast with you! can u believe the guy actually let us in without movie tickets and there were only six people in the cinema? lol…Sad u can’t make it tomorrow…sobz…but have fun at the wedding ok…Luv ya lotsa, babe! Hugshugshugs!


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