Back to the memory lane…

We went out for dinner today at Sushi King @ Queensbay with the girls..
Jo. Fiona. Shu Mei. Li Yen. Jelly. Melissa. Su Qing & Me.
I should say, yesterday…since this post was posted at 12.41 am.

Jacky..I know you want to be here
& I want you to be here too..
We want you to be here.

We basically walked around and talked.
Sadly, we didn’t take any photos. I managed to take one with Fiona.
Well..the pic is blur, thanks to some no skill photographer..Miss Meow.. =)
I know you love me, so…you won’t be mad at me..right Meow?
For those who are reading this, and have no idea who is’s Su Qing! =)
Anyway, we went to Subaidah. We sat there and we talked.
As usual..updates. jokes.
It is a real fun thing to do. Will do that more often..
After all the dilemma. the depression. the exam fever. are all gone..
Exceptional for those who enjoys their life right now..compared to those who are taking exams.


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