Ignorance Is Bliss.

How I wish I could be as ignorant as others.
Don’t have to think of what people say or criticize about you.
Yet, the lil positive side in me,
will send an impulse to my brain,
telling me to take things positively.
Deep down we all know, that even though
at times when the line
“Ah, I don’t give a damn about it” comes out from our mouth,
we will still feel tiny bits of the effect of the critism.

The ability to regurgitate the words composed in our brain,
is what they call the freedom of speech.

Damn, call me rude or whatever.
If you wanna scold someone,
say it once and for all, and of course, for one’s own good.
Repeating the words over and over again,
generally makes all teenagers like me feel irritated,
rather than absorbing the words.
It might just be easier on our ears,
if the tone used is soft and tender,
rather than shouting and loud.

I’m not trying to show no respect to the elders.
but face the fact,
that sometimes, they’re just not being reasonable.
They expect us to listen to them,
but do they listen to us when we’re right?
I’m not exaggerating, but it just happened at times!

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