The Class Party.

U6S1 & The October Ladies
The day that we looked forward to EAT!
It was a birthday celebration for the October ladies : our class teacher, Pn.Ling & our Chemistry teacher, Pn. Veena and it was Sue’s birthday too.
Well, it was actually Pn. Veena’s idea.
We got Pn. Ling 2 pairs of earrings & a card ; a bangles & a card for Pn. Veena
We invited Pn. Alimaton & Mr. Lim too, and Mr. Lim forgot about it.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food..especially Sie Yong’s sushi! ♥ it.
Sie Yong made Fried Rice, Jelly [with Shirley], her ultimate Sushi.
Sue brought Fried Rice, Fruits, Nuggets & Sausages
Lai Theng & I brought snacks.
Melanie & Mei in charge of the drinks and cakes.
Moey brought egg sandwiches ; Chia Ling brought tuna sandwiches.
Shanthini brought Love Letters.

And our photographer of the day is Melissa.

Video on the party is up…
Click on “My Videos” on the right side of my blog to view it.

2 thoughts on “The Class Party.

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