randomly written.

I feel lonely at times when I’m alone, and could use some company.
But sometimes, when I’m surrounded by people I know, I feel like I’m better of my own.
Not that I have problem mingling around.
I could mostly click with anyone just well.
I observe people around me especially when I’m being rather quiet which is unlike the usual me ;
paying attention to what is going on around me.

I could feel down, happy or neutral that very instant.
As much as I hate being isolated, I would rather isolate myself,
Where I don’t have to observe stuff that makes me feel down.
I would think a lot and make myself awfully miserable.
But still, I couldn’t help thinking ;
for I know the answer to whatever I have in mind cause’ I run my own reality show.

Well, sometimes the words said to you, merely have any meaning.
They are just words. To make you happy. To make you feel better.


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